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These organizations have educational programming partnership agreements, to provide some or all of their programming in schools during instructional time. 

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Natalia Riajskikh (Mindful Bodies)Yoga, Mindfulness & WellnessStaff and students learn self-regulation, focus and stress-resiliency skills in order to reduce stress and boost mindfulness. Weekly sessions or workshops teach movement and mindfulness techniques, the latest research in the field of neuroscience, mindfulness and psychology, as well as providing tools and effective strategies to reduce stress. Available to all students and professional development workshops can be arranged.
Earlscourt-Creche Child Developmen (CDI)Start Right Social Skills Start Right Social Skills is a prevention program for children in kindergarten who are having difficulty adjusting to the everyday requirements of regular classrooms. Sessions focus on coaching, empowering and supporting children to learn, practice and model appropriate social skills through small group interaction. Group Activities include child role plays; puppet role plays; crafts; puppet shows; social skill games; activity books/journals; stories and reading. Skills emphasized in the program are; attention and focus building; listening to others; following directions; responding to peers and adults; expressing ideas, feelings and needs; problem-solving.
Project Start ScienceProject Start Science WorkshopsSTEM presentations and workshops for elementary school students at Driftwood Public School are led by a team of undergraduate Science and Engineering students who participate in the Project Start Science Club at York University. All sessions are facilitated in collaboration with classroom teachers. The hour-long workshops consist of a short presentation and hands-on activity that is completed in small groups. TDSB students use critical and analytical thinking in regards to STEM concepts, while engaging with post-secondary students as role models in pursuing studies in STEM subject areas.
Alyssian Entertainment CorporationStomp the Floor: Metis Cultural WorkshopsStomp the Floor: Metis Music and Culture Workshops and Performances are offered in French and English. Elementary students learn the basics of Métis identity, culture and history through music with fiddle, songs, interactive activities, and storytelling. Topics include: Aboriginal fiddling across Canada, intro to Aboriginal People of Canada; fur trade and voyageur history, songs and artefacts (sash, beadwork, cuisine); Red River rebellion and Louis Riel history; Métis kitchen party: fiddle, Red River jigging, spoons and clogging; Voyageur Songs in English and French. Secondary students are introduced to Métis identity, culture, history and politics through music, art and dance and interactive discussions. Topics include the proper ways of approaching enculturation and collaboration with Indigenous cultures; Métis artistic characteristics, symbols, policies and leaders.
SAFE InternationalPersonal Safety Training Strategies to avoid violence that address the physical, psychological and emotional elements of self-defense are learned by grades 7 - 12 students through these workshops. Students learn and practice the skills and knowledge of the "3 R’s": Recognize, React, and Respond. The first and foremost skill is "R, Recognize". It means that recognizing potentially dangerous situations is always the first and most important step and tool in self-defense. While no one skill is guaranteed to protect students from harm, these workshops are designed to provide tips, skills and knowledge that can dramatically increase their abilities to stay safe.
Juan BendanaStudent Leadership, Achievement, PurposeStudent Leadership & Achievement Motivational Speaker provides interactive presentation that provides tools for students to become better leaders and help them gain clarity on where they want their life to go. Two presentations are available: "What do I want to do with my life?" and "Champion of Your Own Story." Juan has been trained by the world's top experts in personal development and leadership such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Bob Proctor, & Les Brown. He has more than ten years experience working with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), leadership development, and positive psychology. He was also named coach of the year at the Global Youth Leadership Summit.
Ian BrownThe Lighter Side Of Mental HealthStudent life can be stressful and demanding. With just the right amount of humour, this presentation encourages students to challenge the stigma around mental illness and creates an awareness of mental health through the dynamic use of comedy, interactive demonstrations and storytelling. Throughout the presentation students become aware of the skills necessary for increasing their resilience, managing stress and are equipped with the terminology to speak up about their mental health needs. Key professional and social resources for reaching out when in need are also discussed.
Peacebuilders International (Canada)Peacebuilding Circles & Justice Diversion ProgrammingStudents and staff are trained in restorative justice techniques through “Peacebuilding Circles”. The program, based on conflict resolution and consensus building principles, uses a group dialogue methodological approach. Circle components include: Peacebuilding dialogues as a way to intervene in/manage conflict ; Facilitating the program so that staff and students can lead circles in the future; mentoring the school's "Peace Club". Peacebuilders Canada also provides a justice diversion program with extrajudicial measures. For referred students only, this program provides weekly peer-to-peer meetings; mediation; intervention circles; one on one supports; and, conflict resolution strategies. These activities occur during and after school, as scheduled, in order to negotiate meaningful ways for youth referred from the justice system to repair the harm caused by their actions.
The Flight Power FoundationFlightunit Careers Awareness Students are exposed to industry professionals and careers in multiple areas through conferences and workshops to increase student success and career exploration. Professionals from various industries lead sessions to provide specific information from sectors that include Music, Art & Culture, Health, Sports & Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Trades, Business & Advertising, Health Care, Learning Skills, Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry. Skills being developed are career decision making, conducting research, problem solving, personal learning strategies, and networking with industry leaders. Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (ICE) training and SHSM certification are also available.
Starts With Me Inc.State of MindStudents are invited to participate in a guided meditation as preparation for the discussion on the stigmas associated with mental health, the warning signs of someone's mental health, and the recovery and well-being available to those seeking support. The presentation of the topic in general merges with a lived-experience story from one who is living with a mental illness or has personal experience in the world of mental health. A Q&A session facilitated to protect anonymity completes the hour, where questions submitted in writing or on blank papers are read and answered. This provides students and staff the opportunity to ask questions that they may not feel comfortable asking out loud. Professional Support Service staff associated with the Mental Health Strategy and/or the school in which the presentation is scheduled are present for these sessions, to assist teacher, partner and class, as needed. Following the presentation, students are encourage to create an art piece reflective of what they have learned and/or in response to the session. Schools can choose whether or not to participate in the State of Mind Youth Mental Health Festival each spring; and students can choose whether to submit their art pieces for display at the offsite festival.
V-Learn Inc.Echo Learning's Digital Music ExperienceStudents create their own musical song in this accessible workshop on digital music production. Facilitators cover song structure, elements of sound design, composition of melody, and use of a digital technological tool. Hands-on exercises at each stage help students to practise what they've learned and discover how to use the tool themselves to create desired sounds. Students compose their own unique drum patterns, instrument effects, and melodies to create their own original song or remix. Professional learning to staff are also available.
Plan International Canada Inc.Gender Equality Workshops Students develop their understanding of barriers young people around the world, especially girls, face in accessing their rights, and learn about programs and initiatives that break down these barriers. Issues are examined in non-binary, inclusive frameworks. Gender inequality unfortunately remains prevalent around the world- despite the many strides that have been made. The Speakers Bureau is a network of young people from around Canada who attend monthly workshops, to develop public speaking skills and gain a deeper understanding of how gender equality intersects with global issues. Speakers Bureau members actively promote gender equality through speaking engagements hosted in their communities. To learn more, visit: plancanada.ca/speakers-bureau
The Mosaic InstituteNext GenerationStudents have an opportunity to learn and feel confident in their ability to be become effective social agents and active citizens, locally, nationally and internationally. The following themes are covered: identity and privilege, prejudice and discrimination, citizenship and social action. This free program highlights the contributions that different diaspora communities have made to Canada's social fabric and sheds light on identity issues and solutions, especially those that students face within their own environment. Students develop social action projects as a tangible act of local and global citizenship which culminates in a presentation to social leaders for feedback. Program can be customized to suit a school's needs and program can be a one-time workshop or as a full 4 day program.
Toronto Search and Rescue-Marine (T-SAR)Water and Boating Safety PresentationStudents in Grades 2 and 6 learn water and boating safety essentials: different types of life jackets and boats, essential equipment, emergency preparedness and trip planning. Powerpoint presentation incorporates visual aids and videos, takeaway workbooks and the opportunity to try on real life jackets.
MADD CanadaSmartWheelsStudents learn about the harmful risks associated with alcohol and drug use and impaired driving in a mobile and accessible 36-seat RV classroom. Presentation features videos about the effects of alcohol and substance use such as cannabis. Students put on virtual reality googles to see how it looks and feels to drive while impaired, respond to multiple-choice questions and participate in decision-making scenarios about impaired driving. Presentation will not only increase awareness about the consequences of impaired driving but also influence responsible decision-making and teach safety strategies. Program may be delivered in French.
Beat the Streets TorontoWrestling and Life SkillsStudents learn fundamentals from certified coaches in this free, character-building and life skills workshop through the sport of wrestling. Workshops are designed to teach positive character traits, coping strategies, building positive self-image and personal resiliency while providing a constructive and safe way to redirect energy through sport. Students will learn time management, respecting others, friendly competition, rules and guidelines through the introduction to wrestling that all transfer to the classroom. In addition, older students participate in a mentorship program with younger students within the school. Resources and professional learning are available to staff.
ModernDay YogaMind, Body, SoulStudents learn powerful and accessible tools to help them deal with anxiety, stressors and mental health struggles through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Students will be able to create self-regulation (mind), self-awareness (body), and self-love (soul) and build connections between all three. Workshop will focus on the power of their breath, guided meditation and practising yoga poses and movements in this fun, accessible and physical yoga practice to improve mental health.
En'tyce Your Beauty - NaturallyBe-You-tiFul: Holistic Health & Wellness SeriesStudents learn practical tips and strategies on food choices at the grocery store, how to eat healthy on a budget, how to read food labels, how to distinguish which foods optimize health and decrease the risk of disease, as well as the dangers of toxic ingredients in personal care products. Topics include: Food, Water & The Body 101, Understanding those Food Labels, GMO's & The Dangers, Power in Drinking Your Greens, Loving Me Unconditionally (Part 1 & 2), How to Eat Healthy on Budget, Growing Food 101 Budget, Toxic Ingredients in Personal Care Products. Presentation educates students on healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices to increase students' self-esteem, physical and emotional well-being.
Harmony Yoga WellnessMindfulness in Movement Students learn self-awareness, self-regulation and coping skills so they are able to recognize stressful situation and understand how physical movement and activity supports their mental health and well-being. Students learn yoga and mindfulness techniques that can be used to enhance health and physical education classes. The program incorporates yoga movements, guided meditations, breathing exercises, play based games, mindfulness exercises, and sound therapy.
Liz PearsonFood, Body Image and Mental HealthStudents learn strategies that promote a healthier body image and relationship with food. Presentations for students, staff and parents focus on the effects of food on one’s mental and physical health and well-being. Sessions provide practical tips for making beneficial food choices, what foods protect health, how to read food labels and ingredient lists, as well as a format for discussion on how the media (including social media), family, and friends can affect our body image.
Young Yogis TorontoBreathe-Stretch-Rest-RepeatStudents learn yoga, mindfulness and playful movement. Students practise yoga poses and movement, meditation techniques, and learn effective tools for coping with stress and emotional upset. Each class contains breathing exercises, playful postures, yoga games, and relaxation. Classes touch on aspects of mindfulness, providing students with simple, yet effective tools for coping and thriving in a fast-paced world. The workshop also gives students an opportunity to develop body awareness and coordination in a safe and supportive environment.
ThriveKidsFit.Focus.FearlessStudents participate in 20 minutes each of body, mind, and character activities in order to develop confidence, self-reliance, healthy life skills and habits. The 20/20/20 Circuit™, three- part program allows students to manage their bodies from head to toe through the following components: 1. vigorous exercise to release excess energy and endorphins while enhancing executive function, concentration and engagement; 2. life skills activity that incorporate creativity and play while teaching social interaction skills; 3. mindfulness activity to manage thoughts, emotions and self-regulation. Facilitators provide tools and techniques that can be incorporated in every day scenarios. A teacher resource is provided for teachers to continue incorporating the lessons with their students.
Niko SofianosFIT HOPStudents' Physical Literacy is enhanced with these workshops that fuse music, spoken word poetry and movement to provide an interactive dance-based fitness program. Students are engaged in individual and group exercises that teach kinesthetic awareness (personal space), mindfulness through breathing and proper postural alignment in exercise. Program uses rhythm and rhyme, song and spoken word poetry to aid students in remembering the dance sequence. At the end of the workshop, students will have an opportunity to showcase their learning in a dance circle. Professional learning workshops are available. FIT HOP is an acronym for functional integrative training and health optimization program.
Culture Shock Canada CharityFeel the Beat: Urban Dance WorkshopsStudents practice urban dance skills, using a creative outlet to develop self-confidence and self-expression. Students learn different styles of urban dance (funk, Hip Hop, house, breaking, locking, waacking), their historical context and origins, movement vocabulary through dance fundamentals, and reflect on how body diversity positively contributes to the art. Instructors use pedagogy that allows for holistic expression and exploration of various emotions, thoughts and conceptions. Workshop encourages vitality, sense of self, well-being and community-building. Workshop series are available for instructors to coach students in learning a choregraphed dance routine, culminating in a presentation. Professional development is available to staff. Resources and in-class activities can be provided.
Earlscourt-Creche Child Developmen (CDI)Intensive Comunity and Home ServicesStudents served are uniquely those who are already CDI clients in this treatment alternative to residential placement for high risk latency age children, who demonstrate severe levels of externalizing behaviours such as aggression and defiance. Individualized treatment plans are developed by CDI with parents/guardians, TDSB Principal, Teacher, SST (as required). Plans could include weekly group programming as well as individual supports, and wraparound appointments in the clients’ home and community environments.
KidfixIn-school Intervention ProgramStudents who have been neglected and/or abused, and present concerns regarding their social, emotional and learning abilities, are referred by TDSB Professional Services, as needed.
Excel2wellness ConsultingCalled to be Strong: Building Resilience Through LiteracyStudents will discover the adventures of reading, practise the art of storytelling and public speaking and learn strategies for greater achievement. Workshop themes include: understanding the reading process, making reading a daily habit, the role of reading and mental wellness, confidence building strategies, practical exercises for storytelling and public speaking, developing good writing techniques, and strategies to achieving personal success. These workshops provide resiliency through literacy in order to build confidence and positive self-worth in students.
Peace by PEACEBuilding Skills in Conflict ResolutionStudents will learn to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts in positive ways in their lives, schools and communities. Using games, activities, and critical discussions, the program engages students and provides them with practical conflict resolution techniques. Students enhance their effective communication, negotiation and critical thinking skills. Topics include: skills for exploring and resolving conflict; effective communication; appreciating diversity; inner power/self-esteem; dealing with bullying and cyberbullying; thinking critically about the media; community building. Program is offered in French and bilingual classes.
Success Beyond LimitsSuccess Beyond Limits School Year ProgramSuccess Beyond Limits School Year Program works with students at Westview Centennial Secondary School to facilitate Mentorships and peer-to-peer support opportunities through scheduled sessions and drop-in activities. It provides students with community, social and career connections to events, organizations, conferences and other projects beyond school to support their personal and academic development in the community. It engages all grades, with a particular emphasis on encouraging participation from Grade 9 & 10 students. Grade 10 students who continue as participants to gradually assume mentoring roles as they progress into Grade 11 & 12. Specific student leadership sessions are designed to train students for peer-to-peer mentoring roles. Homework help, food and recreational activities are also scheduled outside of the instructional day.
Sherbourne Health Centre CorporationSOY & HEATSupporting Our Youth (SOY) is delivered by Sherbourne’s Human Rights Equity Team (HEAT). Sessions are presented by queer and trans spectrum young adults who are trained by Sherbourne to discuss the challenges faced by LGBTQ youth and address strategies for societal change. Facilitators share their lived experiences. They discuss how to create positive spaces and the use of appropriate language. With staff, the discussion includes how to facilitate a class using an anti-oppressive framework and practice. Workshops provide not only specific scenarios and helpful tips, but also practical resources.
Success Beyond LimitsSuccess Beyond Limits Summer Credit Support Supports and activities that include youth-to-youth peer mentorship engage Grade 8 students who are enrolled in a Continuing Education summer course that nurtures a successful transition into secondary school. For students in Learning Centre 2, these curriculum enhancement activities inspire and assist them to improve their educational outcomes, expand possibilities, and provide support to expand their individual paths to success.
The STEPS InitiativeSTEPS.StudioSustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Spaces (STEPS) Initiative provides art workshops to engage the school community in the collaborative production of an environmentally-themed public art installation. Facilitators help students explore public space and urban design issues facing their communities and issues of social and environmental impact. Students learn real-world design considerations, how public spaces can be improved upon and environmentally sound solutions. Using a variety of art mediums and techniques, students design and produce a public artwork that serves function, aesthetics and that celebrates the community.
One Voice One Team Youth Leadership OrganizationSWOLE ProgramSWOLE stands for self-respect, work hard, overcome adversity, lead by example and excellence. Students learn these 5 principles of leadership to make positive changes in their lives. Interactive sessions enhance students’ skills in leadership, anti-bullying, peer mediation, and community building. Students also learn practical strategies on identifying and developing clear action plans to achieve their goals. Through a variety of activities that include self-reflection exercises, discussions, physical activities and mentor storytelling, students enhance leadership and life skills. Additional workshops may be scheduled to further enhance the learning.
Facing History and Ourselves Facing History: Professional Learning WorkshopsTailored hands-on teacher professional development workshops draw on an extensive collection of engaging, multidisciplinary, classroom-ready resources, academic scholarship and student-centered teaching strategies that foster students’ historical thinking skills and knowledge, ethical reasoning, empathy, self-efficacy and civic engagement. Contemporary texts on identity and membership, to case studies on the Holocaust, American Civil Rights, and Canada’s colonial past, the Indian Residential Schools, TRC and reconciliation efforts fit well into an English/Language Arts, History and Social Science classroom and beyond. Our model helps teachers to help their students make the essential connections between human behaviour, historical instances of prejudice, racism, and religious intolerance, and the moral choices they confront in their own lives. In a whole school context, Facing History’s professional learning can enable schools and classrooms to take issues of culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy, inclusion, equity and reconciliation seriously, and the tools to address these issues confidently.
TakingITGlobalProfessional Learning for Future Friendly SchoolsTakingITGlobal offers a global online learning community for educators and students interested in addressing global issues. It explores practical ways to include global education across various disciplines. TDSB educators complete one of three graduate level, accredited on-line courses (Global Citizenship, Student Voice, and Environmental Stewardship) by attending weekly classes, and participating in discussions, completing assignments and developing a culminating project.
Epilepsy TorontoTeaching Awareness Through PuppetryTeaching Awareness Through Puppetry uses lively educational puppetry shows, with life size puppets, to teach students and staff about disabilities and differences. The performances include themes of social inclusion from the perspective of a variety of disabilities, medical conditions (i.e. epilepsy, autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy), and mental health & well-being. Sessions are 15 minute performances with life-size puppets followed by Q&A debriefing discussion with students about what they saw and learned. Teachers receive materials with activities to use with their students in their classrooms to reinforce the learning.
Leave Out Violence (L.O.V.E.)Louder Than A Bomb Teams of secondary school youth will work with established spoken word artist and facilitators over 12 weeks to compose and practice individual and team spoken word pieces to perform in one of five Louder Than a Bomb (LTAB) “regional finals” in the Spring of 2017. The top teams from each region will earn a spot in the LTAB City finals and will meet and compete with poets from schools across Toronto. Through poetry and shared experiences, the festival helps bring youth together from different backgrounds and neighbourhoods in the GTA and helps to foster better relationships among youth in their schools. Schools will have access to: - A Teaching Artist who works with a school over 12-weeks. - LTAB curriculum and resources. - Volunteer opportunities for youth in registered schools to help to plan the LTAB Spoken Word Festival. - Registration in the LTAB Festival 2017
Victim Services TorontoT.E.A.R.™ in a Digital World Teens Ending Abusive Relationships (T.E.A.R.™) workshop equips youth with the tools, knowledge and resources to navigate the digital world and make informed healthy relationship choices both online and in person. T.E.A.R.™ in a Digital World’s goal is to empower youth to create positive change in their own lives and their community. Topics include: Intimate partner violence; Cyberviolence including: cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cyber sexual harassment, sextortion, luring; Online rights; Dating rights; Consent; Creating a positive digital footprint; Digital leadership; Online safety tips; Healthy intimate relationships and friendships; Warning signs of unhealthy and potentially abusive relationships' Where and how to get help.
TELUSTELUS WISETELUS WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) presentation educates students, parents and teachers on maintaining internet and smartphone safety and security to prevent activities such as fraud and cyberbullying.
Magician Toronto Inc.Anti Bullying and Confidence Building Magic Show School Assembly The “Bully Me No More” Magic and Illusion Show is an hour long professional magic show, embedded with a Clear Anti-Bullying message. Through Professional Magic and “ Vegas Style” Illusions, students will be engaged in discussion and presentation on : • Identifying Bullying • Coping Strategies • Effective ways to Combat Bullying • Cyberbullying. Professional Magician/Illusionist Coby also talks about his personal story of being bullied as a child and how magic helped him overcome the bullying. There are 2 versions of the show: The first one is targeted to Grades K-4, which focuses on Physical and Verbal Bullying, and the 2nd version has more of a focus on Cyberbullying and confidence building. Materials are also provided to teachers for follow-up discussions in the class.
Yorktown Family ServicesCoping CatsThe “Coping Cats” program provides identified students between the ages of 7 – 12 who have internalizing behaviours (such as anxiety) with opportunities to learn vital cognitive and social skills within a supportive group context. The group program focuses on building skills through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) curriculum that addresses and supports the management of intense emotions that may be getting in the way of the participants’ meeting their academic and /social goals.
Yorktown Family ServicesDouble T (Temper Tamers)The “Double T (Temper Tamers)" program provides identified students aged 6 – 12 who are displaying disruptive and aggressive behaviour with opportunities to learn vital cognitive and social skills within a supportive group context.
Saidat VandenbergThe Saidat Show's School Assemblies The assemblies and workshops use music, movement, and motivation to encourage diversity and inclusion within schools. Saidat shares personal stories of struggle and triumph through her music and message that touches the lives of others. Through music, drama, dance and speaking, the assemblies bring a message to students in a positive and uplifting atmosphere, while encouraging students to put aside their differences and unite against the social issues that they face every day. Assembly titles include: - Get Over Yourself: Learning to overlook the negative and create the impossible! - Make Some Noise: Why the world needs to hear what you have to say! - I Like Me Street teaches students the importance of kindness towards themselves and others (JK to grade 3). - How to Survive School teaches students strategies to help them address challenges they may experience (grades 4 to 8).
B.E.L.L.A.S. Inspired by CocoThe B.E.L.L.A.S. Project The B.E.L.L.A.S. project engages girls and young women through theatrical assemblies, interactive workshops and arts-based after school programs focused on personal development.
CYDMSMentoring & Violence Prevention (MVP) The Centre of Youth Development and Mentoring Services provides a Basketball/Sports League on weekends which engages equity seeking and racialized youth, particularly from East Africa. Weekly afterschool workshops, March Break and Summer Programming are also learning and mentoring opportunities provided to referred youth.
COBA Collective Of Black ArtistsSankofa Dance Workshops, Seminars and PerformancesThe Collective of Black Artists (COBA) offers workshops, seminars (lecture demonstrations) and performances with a traditional West African and African Diasporic dance lens that create a comprehensive, inclusive and fun understanding of dance and improvisation. Sankofa symbolizes the artistic values that infuse all COBA educational programs. The Sankofa symbol is a mythical bird of the Akan people, that flies forward with its head turned backwards. In keeping with the values of Sankofa, COBA presents workshops and performances of dance, music, poetry and rhythm and oral histories woven together that are responsive to the present while celebrating the past.
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation HospitalCommunication and Writing AidsThe Communication and Writing Aids (CWA) program includes an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) service and a Writing Aids (WA) service. AAC provides consultative support to children in the classroom and at home when their speech does not meet their face-to-face communication needs. WA provides technological support (laptop and specialized software) to children who use natural speech as their primary means of communication, but are unable, due to a physical disability, to write with pen and paper functionally. Students who use AAC may also need a WA. Holland Bloorview CWA staff collaborate with the TDSB School Support Team (SST), including the Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational and/or Physical Therapist, Principal, and teacher to determine an appropriate AAC and/or WA system and to facilitate the mutually agreed upon system into the classroom.
San Romanoway Revitalization AssociationConnecting Bridges Educational Outreach ProgramThe Connecting Bridges Educational Outreach Program offers life skills and mentoring to students in middle schools in the Jane-Finch community. Students participate in twice weekly sessions on self-esteem, self-identity, violence prevention, problem-solving and conflict resolution, communication, assertiveness training, time management, study skills, gender relations, racism and ethnicity, substance and alcohol abuse, healthy sexuality, bullying, cyber safety, gang resistance strategies, stress management, managing emotions, family dynamics, perceptions of schooling and education, education pathways, career and employment options. Students may also receive homework help and be paired with adult mentors who work one-on-one with students to provide positive role modelling. The program includes a Family Support Program for the parents of participating students. Parents take part in bi-monthly support groups to discuss adolescent development issues, effective parenting strategies, communication skills, employment, substance use, and gang prevention. Parents may also be referred to appropriate community resources for help with housing, food security, employment and legal issues.
Cricket CanadaCricket FUNdamentalsThe Cricket FUNdamentals program provides opportunities for students to participate in skills development activities and competitions to encourage life-long participation in cricket. The program offers afterschool and intramural cricket training and skills development clinics, indoor cricket competitions in the winter, outdoor competitions in the spring, and professional learning for TDSB staff. The program seeks to develop pathways to competitive cricket for students and provides mentorship opportunities for national cricket players. Workshops and clinics are consistent with Sports Canada and Cricket Canada’s LTAD model. Activities include: - Indoor and outdoor league and tournament development (both intramural and multi-school) using the Ten10 format. - Train-the-Trainer programs that provide professional learning sessions and resources to TDSB staff. - Community Coach Accreditation (NCCP) for TDSB staff.
The Director's CutThe Director's Cut Media Literacy WorkshopsThe Director's Cut workshops turn classrooms into fun, interactive and engaged Hollywood studios for the day. Using a mobile digital media lab and led by Imaginators, students transform their creativity and imagination into an Oscar-worthy media production. Students work in small groups using the latest digital film equipment. Workshop topics include self-esteem and body image, cyberbullying, digital media storytelling, stop motion animation, and music video production. Workshops are also available in French. Imaginators are leading filmmakers and digital media specialists who take a class through the filmmaking process over the course of a day. Lesson plans, assessment, evaluation and other resources are available from The Director’s Cut.
Earth RangersEarth Rangers AssemblyThe Earth Rangers Assembly offers an engaging and interactive presentation bringing concepts of science and biodiversity from the real world into the classroom. Using live Animal Ambassadors including reptiles, mammals and birds to connect with students, the hour-long assembly teaches students to develop empathy for wildlife and to support protecting animals and their habitats. Students learn about threatened Canadian species, the importance of protecting the environment and adopting more sustainable behaviours. Earth Rangers provide supplementary environmental information on how to make a difference through tangible activities and conservation projects for students to complete at home. Earth Rangers provides curriculum resources available online at www.earthrangers.org/bring-back-the-wild-curriculum-resources.
Think Don't ShootIt Starts WithinThe entertaining presentation teaches students strategies to manage the psychological, physiological and sociological effects of violence and bullying. Students learn how to be leaders, communicate and to take control of their emotions in order to improve their emotional intelligence and resiliency. See: www.thinkdontshoot.com
Youth Assisting YouthThe Peer Project_Clicks and Stones The fluid and dynamic nature of social media and other methods of cyberbullying means that providing information on every method and situation where bullying might occur is not possible. However, in this workshop many examples are provided, emphasizing responsible internet use as well as where youth can locate additional information and seek help, if necessary. It increases students' online knowledge and skills for anti-bullying measures that they can take. The Peer Project offers mentoring programs and gender-specific programming in the community and after school.
Breakaway Addiction ServicesHarm Reduction and Substance Use Education and Counselling The Harm Reduction and Substance Use Education and Counselling Program provides school and community-based support for students and families with substance use/addiction concerns. Breakaway staff offer expertise related to drug use, and reducing drug related harms and impacts. Services offered include individual and group counselling, assessments, class-room education and consultations, as well as parent council presentations and staff education. Services are provided from a harm reduction approach, in a supportive and non-judgemental manner.
Argonauts Holdings (Argos)Huddle Up Bullying Prevention ProgramThe Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program conveys bullying prevention messages and impactful stories by Toronto Argonauts professional football players, chearleaders and staff members. The program includes three core components: a Player Assembly that addresses the impact the bystander has on bullying, the reasons someone bullies and possible solutions to the problem through scenarios; Student Leadership Committee Meetings that supports schools to lead the bullying prevention efforts in the school; and a Student Summit, a culminating event, for all Student Committees where students share their program successes and learn about other strategies and tools of other Committees. Optional presentations are Parent Information Session to identify and protect young people from violence and cyber bullying and Female Bullying Presentation that focuses on female-specific issues such as positive self-esteem and relationships.
Native Canadian Centre of TorontoIndigenize Our Minds The Indigenize Our Minds Education Outreach Program provides presentations on Indigenous culture, language and history on Turtle Island (North America). They include Anishinaabe (Ojibway, Odawa and Potawatomi), Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Metis cultural teachings including: Content Based Presentations: Anishinaabe History; Haudenosaunee History; Indigenous Treaties; Indigenous Innovation; Metis History; Pre-Contact History; Two Spirit & LGBTQ Teachings. Interactive Presentations: Medicine Wheel Teachings; Anishinaabe Clan System; Seven Grandfather Teachings; Indigenous Games; Dreamcatcher Making; Traditional Opening/Closing. Performance Based Presentations: ;Pow Wow Experience; Drumming and Singing. Our facilitators include individuals of all ages, but we do give priority to youth knowledge keepers who are passionate about educating. It is very empowering for participants to experience Indigenous culture in an educational and interactive environment that encourages reconciliation. Interested in booking a presentation? Please visit: http://ncct.on.ca/indigenize-our-minds/
Regesh Family and Child ServicesRegesh High on Success and CASTThe innovative school-based programs support students to develop healthy self-esteem, decision-making, self-regulation, and interpersonal and communication skills. Students are engaged in improving their academic performance. Reconnecting Youth is delivered over 20 weeks and using small group activities, students develop new and supportive relationships that help them to be successful. The Coping and Support Training Program (CAST) is offered over 7 weeks to students. Students learn skills to increase their self-esteem, manage anger, enhance mental health and help them connect with their teachers and family.
Griffin CentreIntensive Child and Family Services (ICFS)The Intensive Child and Family Service (ICFS) program provides an accessible service that takes place in the home, school, or community for youth whose school or home placement is at risk of breakdown due to mental health and other issues. The ICFS worker works one-one-one with the youth to support their optimal functioning based on goals from the youth’s treatment plan. ICFS may support the youth to connect to needed community resources, including other Griffin Centre services.
Beebo MusicRoland Bibeau French School ConcertsThe interactive French and bilingual language music concerts give students the motivation and confidence to sing along to French-language songs. Students learn traditional and contemporary French songs and they lyrics are projected onto a wall or screen to help students sing along. Performances focus on music as a learning tool, and demonstrate how music can be used in teaching students a second language.
Storyvalues Inc.Interactive StorytellingThe Interactive Storytelling program provides schools with a variety of assemblies and in-class workshops that explore themes of holidays, seasons, heritages and traditions. The program uses interactive storytelling and drama to enhance students’ cultural awareness, communication, creative and literacy skills. Interactive dramatization along with student participation and small group discussions allow student to explore further salient themes. The program also includes limited access to Storyvalues On-line, an online resource where students learn about folktales, art and music through games, videos and puzzles. Storyvalues On-line is available at http://www.storyvalues.com/Online/journey.html.
Earlscourt-Creche Child Developmen (CDI)SNAP (Stop Now and Plan)The interactive workshop series is offered in the classroom to help students improve their problem-solving skills and self-control. Topics include: fair play, handling group/peer pressure, anger management, making good choices and dealing with bullying. Elementary students gain new social skills and understand how to enhance their problem-solving and mood regulation skills. They are introduced to the 'stop now, and plan' method of dealing with these issues.
University of TorontoKids2See and Kids2HearThe Kids2See and Kids2Hear programs provide vision and hearing screening to kindergarten students from Model Schools for Inner Cities schools. Medical students from the University of Toronto volunteer to conduct screenings and are trained and supervised by medical residents from the Faculty of Medicine.
The Learning PartnershipTurning PointsThe Learning Partnership facilitates Professional Learning Sessions in Turning Points, a character awareness and literacy program that provides opportunities for students in Grades 6 - 12 to read, write and think about their fundamental values. Program resource guides, e-learning modules, annual anthology and culminating contest recognition event are available to participating students who are engaged with their teachers in a process of self-reflection and discussions that leads to writing a narrative essay about a significant event - a turning point - in which students organize and express their thoughts about the principles that guide their lives.
The Learning PartnershipGlobal SolutionsThe Learning Partnership provides professional learning sessions on the Global Solutions program and resources. It introduces teachers to resources and teaching & learning strategies through which students to a current complex global problem (a "Challenge Topic"), and the background, tools and guidance to propose innovative solutions. The Global Solutions program is fully aligned with the Ontario Ministry of Education course curricula and serves as an effective in-class tool to help teachers across many disciplines to expand the minds of their students while delivering on course expectations. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of these complex global problems, the challenge topics in the Global Solutions program can be used in a number of different courses, and they align with a large number of secondary school course curricula, including:SBI3C/4U: Biology • CGW4U: World Issues • CGU4U: World Geography • CIA4U: Analysing Current Economic Issues • BDI3C: Entrepreneurship: The Venture • BBB4U: International Business • BMI3C: Marketing: Goods, Services, Events • TJC3C/4C: Construction Engineering Technology • HSB4U: Challenge and Change in Society.
Little Red TheatreTouring Theatre for ChildrenThe Little Red Theatre produces dramatic performances using an eclectic mix of puppets, original musical scores and songs, dance and audio and visual technology. Students may participate in the actual performance or participate in the question and answer at the end. Productions are inspired by current issues, books that children love or problems that are relevant to children. Three theatre presentations are offered each school year in English, French or Bilingual. Study guides are available to further the learning before and after the presentation.
Mad Science of TorontoScience & Technology WorkshopsThe Mad Science Workshops introduce elementary students to the wonders of science by leading interactive, in-class workshops and after school clubs. These workshops support students and teachers to explore science, technology and the environment and to make connections between science and the world around them. Mad Science offers 26 different, interactive workshops that enhance the Science and Technology curriculum for elementary students.
Ontario Science CentreOntario Science SchoolThe Ontario Science Centre Science School (OSCSS) provides students from throughout Ontario with an opportunity to gain University Preparation science and mathematics credits during an enriched semester at the Ontario Science Centre (OSC).
Earth Day CanadaThe OPAL ProjectThe OPAL Project provides selected elementary schools with a strategy to improve outdoor self-directed play for students. The program supports the social, emotional, physical and mental health benefits of outdoor play and nature connection. Earth Day Canada facilitators will work with a lead team at each school, including teachers, administrators, school staff, and parents to examine play activities and its benefits, develop a school mission statement about play and create an action plan to improve play provision. Schools will develop a play strategy and implementation plan. A culminating assembly celebrates the achievement of the whole school community and the project. An annual Play Symposium invites participating schools to share their experiences and develop peer mentoring relationships.
Wheelchair Basketball Canada Wheelchair Basketball Schools ProgramThe presentation includes a welcome and introduction to a wheelchair basketball athlete who explains the rules of the game and demonstrates basic ball handling, passing and chair skills. The athlete will play an actual game of wheelchair basketball with students allowing students an opportunity to try the game for themselves. The presentation will end with a question period so students may ask the athletes questions. Online resources are also available for teachers to use in their classrooms.
Tara Badal-MohammedYou and Your MoneyThe presentation seeks to enhance students' financial literacy skills. Topics include: setting effective S.M.A.R.T. goals, preparing a budget, savings and investments, controlling debt, and setting goals in different areas of life.
Turk Event Consulting (T.E.C.) Inc. Lacrosse - History, Culture and Skills PresentationsThe presentation teaches students about the history and culture of lacrosse from the perspective of First Nations peoples and introduces students to the basic skills of the game. The presentation discusses the cultural and spiritual significance of the game, shows the different sticks and equipment used, the positions played in the game. Students may participate in a 15 minute game where they are divided into clans/ teams.
University of TorontoSun and Skin Awareness PresentationsThe presentations educate students about both the benefits of playing outside, as well as the dangers of sun exposure and how to reduce the risks of developing sun-related skin damage. Students learn about the health benefits of sun exposure and the potential for sun damage to the skin and eyes. The presentation concludes with prevention tips that students should use to protect themselves.
Health CanadaEnvironmental Health Awareness and Learning Toolkit (EHALT) PresentationsThe presentations for secondary students and staff educate them about environmental risks and prevention strategies. Health Canada has developed the Environmental Health Awareness and Learning Toolkit (EHALT) and in the presentations, students learn about various topics related to human health and the environment. The module will review the effects of radon, different chemicals and air quality on human health, and explore risk realities; students will also learn about various strategies for reducing risks. The presentations will also raise awareness of Health Canada’s resources on environmental health. Presentations include group activities, classroom discussions and in-class quizzes.
Deepa PrashadConfidence Building and Social Media PresentationsThe presentations promote self-worth and confidence in students by educating them on how to use social media to build a positive space for themselves. Deepa Prashad discusses the power of stories in the media and encourages students to tell their own stories. She tells students to step away from their devices and connect with others. Deepa explains how students can take positive action, including volunteering and giving back to their communities and the presentations explore how students can use social media to engage with those persons and organizations that are making a positive difference in the world and redefining pop culture. Students learn that social media validation doesn't result in real life validation and there are many other things they can do to build their confidence and self-worth.
Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)CPA Canada Financial Literacy PresentationsThe presentations teach students basic concepts and skills through interactive activities and case studies. The hour-long presentations are grade specific (grades 4 and 5; grades 7 and 8; and grades 10 and 11), and cover the following topics: Bartering; Needs and Wants; Goal Setting; Earning Income; Credit Cards and Bad Debt versus Good Debt; and Budgeting and Savings. Chartered Professional Accountant volunteers lead the presentations and each session includes a group activity followed by time for questions and answers. The aim of the presentations is to deliver unbiased objective financial literacy education and information to improve students’ understanding of financial literacy. Schools visit www.cpacanada.ca/en/the-cpa-profession/financial-literacy and complete the online school workshop request form in order to schedule a presentation. Presentations are available in both English and French.
Think 2wiceThink 2wiceThe program facilitates workshops and motivational speaking topics that aim to prevent youth violence, gang involvement and criminal activity. Guest speakers with lived experience of gang involvement and the criminal justice system engage youth to take up positive leadership roles in their schools and communities and to create violence free schools, communities, and lives. Using creative arts such as dance, spoken word and drama, the program seeks to help youth find their life’s purpose.
The Message, IncThe Message Media Literacy ProgramThe program helps youth to tap into the power of mass media by enhancing their media literacy and critical thinking skills. Mass media affects the way we think, feel and act and when used responsibly, present unprecedented opportunities for connecting, sharing and learning. Through in-class workshops and assemblies, students examine media ownership, consumer choice, deciding between bias and opinion, “fake news,” racism, sexism and inequality, and substance use in popular culture. The goal of the program is to empower students to be responsible in the digital age.
YouthLinkFinding Assertive Solutions Together (FAST)The program is designed to address the underlying causes of violent behaviours exhibited by participating students, which sometimes result in criminal activity. In a closed group model, 8-12 identified students participate in a 10-week anger management program.
Rock Solid Productions Inc.Rocks and RingsThe program is designed to introduce the sport of curling to elementary school students. Unique indoor floor curling equipment is provided and placed in the gym offering an off-ice experience and physical activity. Sessions include various drills, relays and team-building activities. At the end of each session, each participating student receives his/her own graduation certificate.
Aisling Discoveries Child and Family CtrPartners for Success ProgramThe program is designed to promote the healthy development of students and prevent the escalation of mental health difficulties in children. The objective is to contribute to the positive mental health of identified students and to support the development of student’s social, emotional and resiliency skills.
Malicounda Dance CompanyAfrican Drum CircleThe program offers African Drum circle workshops in French, English, and Spanish. Students practice their French language skills and learn about traditional dances, songs, and rhythms from francophone West Africa. Students sing traditional songs in French through call and response. Students also learn how drums are made and their origins, and take part in demonstrations of the djembe, djun-djun, dalabash, shakere and m’bira drums.
Kids' Growing CityEdible Garden Education Workshops & Professional LearningThe Program offers gardening workshops for elementary students and professional development workshops for TDSB staff on designing and implementing edible gardens. Student workshops include hands-on gardening activities, such as designing school gardens, planting seeds, washing and packaging vegetables, composting, recycling, and harvesting and replanting foods. TDSB staff may participate in these workshops and learn how to lead successful gardens at their schools. The professional learning resource consists of an on-line course for TDSB staff completed over nine weeks. Staff design, write and plan for small-scale school gardens. The course is accessed at http://yescourse.com/store/dcp-school-gardening-formula.
Logics AcademyRobotics & Aerospace STEM WorkshopsThe program offers inquiry-based and hands-on STEM workshops and educator resources. Students learn robotics and coding solutions. The goal of each workshop is to inspire students and teachers to explore and to innovate using robotics and aerospace technologies. Students develop their critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills. Award winning robots and maker kits are provided for use in the classroom. Workshop topics include but are not limited to: The Solar Car, the Electric Car, Pneumatics, Walking Robots, Mars Rover, Parachutes, the Motorized Fan, Windmills, Beam Balance, Talk Bot, the Wind turbine, etc. Logics Academy leads in-class workshops, lunchtime and afterschool programs, camps and special events.
Rick Hansen FoundationRick Hansen Foundation School ProgramThe program offers in-school presentations and comprehensive on-line resources for Administrators, teachers and students designed to increase disability awareness, accessibility, inclusion and empower students. The program includes: 1. Abilities in Motion online resources that raise students’ awareness about the potential of persons with disabilities and the importance of accessibility and inclusion. 2. The Difference Maker program inspires, empowers and recognizes students who make a difference in their schools and communities. It includes a four lesson plan with activities, projects and videos for teachers that focus on recognition, friendship, inspiration, leadership and problem-solving. 3. Rick Hansen Ambassadors showcases personal stories of individuals with a range of disabilities overcoming the challenges they face in life and thriving. 4. Online resources are available at www.rickhansen.com/schools.
Read2RapRead2Rap Literacy ProgramThe program offers instruction and media-rich opportunities to students so they may fully understand the history and origins of Hip Hop culture as and to recognize its capacity as an effective tool for personal and social change. Rap music and Hip Hop culture are used as the vehicle to bring youth closer to the leader within. Students are engaged in research, creative writing, speech arts, teamwork and thought provoking discussion. Topics of discussion may include bullying; violence; conflict-resolution; image; self-confidence; and other personal or community issues. Using group discussions, class participating and presentations students are engaged in writing exercises, performances and creating their culminating presentations. The program also includes the Speak Your Mind weekly training that capture youth-led discussions in podcasts. Learning is stimulated through creative means and open communication. Youth research, develop and lead their own informative podcasts. Students work in teams to create their podcasts.
The Royal Conservatory of MusicLearning Through The Arts (LTTA) Design Media Arts ProjectThe program offers professional development and artist-teacher mentorship in digital media arts and music to create and deliver arts-infused core curriculum to elementary students. Digital media arts is a collaborative teaching and learning method that uses writing, visual storytelling, audio, image and graphic design and performance. The year-long program has artist-educators mentor and support teachers in developing media art skills and instructional design to effectively integrate arts experiences into the curriculum. Teachers will enhance their skills and be able to deliver inclusive education to Aboriginal and diverse student populations through the use of digital media arts. Teachers, along with their students, design and implement a culminating year-end project. Teachers attend three workshops over the year to deepen their understanding and use of grounding pedagogy, deeply questioning and engagement in creative processes. At the workshops, teachers explore instructional resources and apps that enhance the delivery, ideation and creation of digital media arts.
Future Design School Inc.Future Design School CurriculumThe program offers professional learning opportunities to TDSB teachers who then deliver the program in their schools inspiring youth to solve the world's most pressing issues. The program uses a blended learning model of both online and in-person delivery with a staff. Each cohort completes a culminating activity of a “Pitch Night” where participating teachers showcase their projects and ideas for embedding entrepreneurial and design thinking into their classrooms. Courses include: Introduction to Design Thinking; Hack your Curriculum; Assessment for Innovation; and Planning Interdisciplinary Projects. The program also includes two Innovation Leaders certifications: the level 1 Innovation Leader certification and the level 2 Advanced Techniques for Design Thinking.
Common CompassCommon CompassThe program offers workshops, retreats and trainings to empower students to show empathy as they interact with their peers in their school and beyond. The program seeks to enhance students’ self-identity and self-esteem; strengthen connectedness and support their assertiveness, promoting inclusion, and positive decision-making. Using the SELF-OTHERS-SKILLS model, students learn strategies to manage their mental health and well-being. The program includes: 1. Social Emotional Learning and Empathy Workshops support students to understand their emotions to improve their emotional expression and communication skills. 2. Mental Health Peer Leader Training helps students understand common mental health challenges, myths and facts, signs and symptoms. 3. Leadership Workshops allow students to develop an understanding of positive leadership characteristics, leadership and conflict styles and how they may grow their leadership skills within their schools and communities. 4. Retreats offer fun, reflective opportunities for students in leadership roles, or at particular points during the school year. They combine 2 or 3 workshops for day-long event. 5. Professional Learning offers training for TDSB staff to explore the relationship between social emotional learning and academic achievement. Staff also learn of positive coping mechanisms students may use and signs for when students may require additional supports.
Loretta Penny (Down to Earth Education)Down to Earth EducationThe program provides 19 unique presentations, workshops and artefact displays for elementary and secondary students, on environmental and social justice, historical, and mental health and wellness topics. Presentations promote empathy and respect for others, and cultural and environmental awareness. Using engaging visuals and diverse displays, students learn about people, places and historical events by travelling through rainforests, exploring oceans, walking among Indigenous peoples, or retracing the routes of African peoples who were enslaved. Presentations include, but are not limited to the following (www.downtoearth.to): Oceans Alive! - Students explore oceans to better understand marine life and environmental threats to the ecosystem. Forests Alive! - Students examine temperate and tropical forest ecosystems to understand interdependence and complex symbiotic relationships Ancient Maya / Egypt - Students step back in time to discover ancient civilizations. The Buzz on Bees - Students will get informed about the decline of bees and other endangered species. Black History - Students will depart on a historic journey to learn about the middle passage, life on a plantation, the underground railroad, emancipation and more. In My Shoes - Students will journey in the shoes of others to learn about poverty, homelessness and discrimination. Great for anti-bullying!
Parachute Leaders in Injury PreventionBrain Wave Presentations for Injury PreventionThe program provides half-day neuroscience presentations for grades 3-6 students to teach them about the brain and the importance of wearing helmets to prevent injuries. Students learn about different parts of the brain, basic neuroscience vocabulary, and how and why it's important to protect their brain and spinal cord. Classrooms are turned into laboratories, where students conduct science experiments involving the five senses that tie into lessons on neuroanatomy and the fragility of this amazing system. Students study the lobes of the brain and learn that the brain has the same consistency as gelatin and is protected by a skull that is only as thick as a pencil. By bringing this program into the classroom, students and teachers increase their understanding of the brain and spinal cord, and learn simple strategies to prevent injury. Parachute Leaders in Injury Prevention also organizes and launches the National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) each year at a TDSB school. NTDSW is an annual public awareness campaign in mid-November aimed at educating young drivers about road safety and helps young drivers reduce distracted and impaired driving.
Meet The SelfMindfulness in SchoolsThe program provides in-class workshops and lunchtime programs for students and workshops for staff. Students learn mindfulness techniques and tools for emotional regulation that they can apply in the classroom and throughout the school environment. TDSB staff also learn mindfulness techniques they may introduce to their students. The in-class workshops and lunchtime program for students explore specific mindfulness lessons and consists of the following main components: • Mindfulness Sensory Exercises • Breathing Exercises • Emotional Regulation Exercises with the MonkeyMind puppet • Physical Exercises including partner work and kinesthetic • Meditation Session The Intro to Meditation workshop for educators provides an overview of the techniques of meditation and mindfulness. Participants will learn practical components they can use themselves and/or in the classroom, such as breathing techniques and other mindfulness exercises that apply to awareness and conscious choice-making (self-regulation).
Progressive Tennis LeagueEnrichment Tennis ProgrammingThe program provides in-class workshops to students using modified equipment to make learning tennis fun and easy. A team based approach is used to introduce the ten steps towards rallying and the five fundamentals of tennis for JK/SK. Students in grades 1-8 explore tennis fundamentals, reception/projection and movement skills in a dynamic team based environment.
Ideas 2 Hatch (I2H)Youth Entrepreneurship TrainingThe program provides students with real world application of entrepreneurship knowledge in a forum of mentorship and knowledge exchange. Selected students participate in a four day-series of sessions that culminates in a showcase event. Students create original business solutions to large-scale system issues through team-based learning to augment their specialized business knowledge and skills. The culminating showcase event offers students access to Toronto's start-up ecosystem and enables them to take their business ideas to the next level.
UPLAYUPLAY Songwriting WorkshopsThe program seeks to enhance students’ creative writing and literacy skills. Students are guided through the stages of writing, performing, recording and packaging their very own dynamic song. Working as a class, students are divided into groups to write and sing the vocals and to use technology to simulate real instruments. The class then designs an album cover and receives an electronic copy of its original song.
REEL CanadaCanadian Film in the Schools and Multi-Schools DayThe program showcases films made by Canadian filmmakers, including Aboriginal filmmakers, to selected schools. Films are shown both in schools and off-site at a movie theatre. Guest speakers, such as local filmmakers, representatives from local film festivals, subject matter experts, TV personalities, and screenwriters engage with students in a post-screening question and answer discussion about the films and the issues that are raised, such as stereotypes, cultural differences, racism, and Canadian history. REEL Canada collaborates with the TDSB Aboriginal Education Centre regarding First Nations, Metis, Aboriginal/Indigenous and Inuit programming. Lesson plans and other learning resources are available in both English and French for teachers to use with their classes.
St. Stephen's Community HouseGame Changers - Restorative Justice Conflict MediationThe program trains students to be Youth Peer Mediators in their schools and communities and help resolve peer to peer and/or youth to adult conflicts through a proactive problem-solving process. The training fosters leadership and pro-social skills, shared accountability, and builds individual and systemic capacity to manage conflicts at a personal and school level with mediation and includes training adult mediators from the school to act as co-mediators, as is deemed appropriate for each case. The program aids students, teachers and Administrators in resolving conflicts through a proven problem-solving process. Trained mediators are supported by school staff and receive ongoing support and training.
Studio 180 TheatreStudio 180 INCLASS WorkshopsThe program uses drama to create a safe space for effective dialogue and self-discovery. In-class workshops offer in-depth, immersive experiences that mine the unique power of the theatre to humanize social and political issues and cultivate open dialogues and artistic expression. Artist educators work with students to encourage them to think critically, explore multiple viewpoints, promote empathy and inspire creativity through proposition exercises, hot seating and improvisation. Workshops may be based on Studio 180’s current production, or may be theme-based and explore topics including identity, legacy, family and personal responsibility.
Right To Play CanadaPLAY Program (Concrete Warriors)The Promoting Life-skills in Aboriginal Youth (PLAY) program is designed to provide Aboriginal/Indigenous children and youth access to high-quality programs that use play to build and enhance their life-skills to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. While the basis of the programs are designed by child development and educational experts, all are adapted and modified in consultation with children, youth, parents, and Elders of PLAY’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit partners. Session topics include: youth leadership workshops, arts-based programming, sport and recreational activities.
Future Possibilities for KidsReady, Set, Goal! Leadership ProgramThe Ready, Set, Goal! Leadership Program is a community leadership program that uses Possibility Thinking that encourages students to believe that anything is possible and to think in abstract ways to overcome challenges, which may lead to personal transformation. Program matches students with trained volunteer Kid Coaches who provide one-on-one support through weekly phone calls and during Activity Days. Using Future Possibilities for Kids’ curriculum, KidCoaches inspire, empower and acknowledge children’s contributions to their communities. Students create a Goal of Contribution that benefits their community, school or family and are coached through the process of delivering it, usually involving friends and family members. Program culminates in a graduation ceremony where students, parents and families are invited to attend in May.
Inst of Robotics & Intelligent SystemsRobots Build and LearnThe Robots Build and Learn program enables students to be active, creative and collaborative solution-seekers. Students use LEGO bricks and digital tools to solve problems creatively and to excel at working with others and thinking critically. By working in this way, they deepen their understanding of key STEM-related curriculum concepts while developing the skills required of global learners. Workshops include: i. WeDo Junior Robotics for students in grades 1- 3. It encourages playful learning where students build fun LEGO models with motors and sensors then connect them to a computer to program the models’ behaviours. ii. Penalty Shoot Out allows students to build kickers and keepers to learn about sensors, motors, how to calculate distances, predictions, while having a penalty shootout competition. iii. Simple and Powered Machines workshops for students in grades 3- 6. The Power Car allows students to build a power car and investigate the effect of the gear ratio, friction and wheel diameter. iv. Land Yacht has students build a land yacht and explore how the surface area of the sails will affect how the yacht travels. v. Mindstorms EV3 workshops for students in grades 5- 8. Students develop their STEM-related skills by building software. Curriculum activities allow students to design, program and control robots.
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