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These organizations have educational programming partnership agreements, to provide some or all of their programming in schools during instructional time. 

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4A InnovationsSports4TeachersTo support elementary school teachers on the fundamental skills needed to run fun/enjoyable physical education classes, allowing for early skill development in students. Sports4Teachers offers two workshops for TDSB staff. These include: i. Gamification of Skills Development Workshops demonstrate to educators creative ways to incorporate games into their physical education classes. The workshops aim to help to develop students’ motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination and lateral movements. By the end of the workshop, teachers are able to further develop their skills to run successful physical education classes. ii. Essential Skills Workshops teach educators the rules and regulations of introductory sports, such as soccer, basketball, flag football, volleyball and others. During the workshop, teachers participate in the sport to ensure they understand the rules. By the end of the workshop, teachers more fully understand the sport, which allows them to lead more successful physical education classes.
AboriginalSport&WellnessCouncilofOntarioNorth American Indigenous Games Presentation This interactive presentation provides an overview of the North American Indigenous Games, and highlights Indigenous athletic achievements and the unique cultural heritage of various Indigenous communities. It also addresses the Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action #88, calling on all levels of government to take action to ensure long-term Indigenous athlete development and growth through continued support for the North American Indigenous Games. The North American Indigenous Games are an opportunity to spark social change and to engage all Canadians in a discussion around reconciliation, through sport. Presentations have been developed for three specific age categories, junior elementary, senior elementary and high school, and can be tailored for individual classrooms or larger assemblies.
Access Alliance Pediatric Health Initiative ClinicClinics in elementary and secondary schools address the issue of students in inner city communities who come to school with undiagnosed and untreated health concerns that prevent them from learning. Its objective is to provide students with access to a medical clinic, on site, in schools. The initiative provides the services of a pediatric clinic in the school. Medical practitioners, including but exclusive to: nurse practitioners, physicians, pediatricians, community health workers; consult with students (and, if elementary school age, with their families) on a variety of medical, behavioural and developmental and school-related concerns. Services may include, and are not limited to: 1. Medical - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, health counselling and referrals to other medical specialists, or dietician. 2. Behavioural and Developmental - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, related mental health counselling, referrals to specialist and/or community agencies. 3. Clinical services will be provided on a referral basis from: a) parents b) Gift of Sight and Sound Program c) School Support Team in selected feeder schools d) Discretionary appointments through the in-school support team. 3) For secondary students, self-referral
Access Alliance Pediatric Health Initiative ClinicClinics in elementary and secondary schools address the issue of students in inner city communities who come to school with undiagnosed and untreated health concerns that prevent them from learning. Its objective is to provide students with access to a medical clinic, on site, in schools. The initiative provides the services of a pediatric clinic in the school. Medical practitioners, including but exclusive to: nurse practitioners, physicians, pediatricians, community health workers; consult with students (and, if elementary school age, with their families) on a variety of medical, behavioural and developmental and school-related concerns. Services may include, and are not limited to: 1. Medical - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, health counselling and referrals to other medical specialists, or dietician. 2. Behavioural and Developmental - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, related mental health counselling, referrals to specialist and/or community agencies. 3. Clinical services will be provided on a referral basis from: a) parents b) Gift of Sight and Sound Program c) School Support Team in selected feeder schools d) Discretionary appointments through the in-school support team. 3) For secondary students, self-referral
Adventure PlaceCommunity-based Treatment and Support ServicesCommunity-based Treatment and Support Services offers a continuum of support to select students and their families and care providers. Program provides strategies to address difficulties in social, emotional, behavioural, communication, cognitive, learning and/or developmental domains of functioning. Program includes observation and assessment in the home; support and training for parents, teachers and other school staff as needed; and individual student program plan for the classroom and at home, service coordination, and transition support and/or treatment into classroom setting. Adventure Place staff will work in collaboration with TDSB staff, including representatives from the school’s Professional Support Services team, in order to facilitate a coordinated service for the referred student.
Agincourt Community Services AssociationTaking Action Against GangsAn intensive anti-violence program engaging Scarborough youth and families that offers individualized interventions, resources and supports to students in grades 6-12 who live in Scarborough and who may be, or are currently, involved in gang activities.
Aisling Discoveries Child and Family CtrHelping Hands at SchoolHelping Hands activities are identified and implemented in consultation with the school principal, school social worker, select school staff, and Aisling staff, to support homeless children. Activities may include groups for children and/or counselling focusing on social skill development, self-esteem, anger management and building resilience.
Aisling Discoveries Child and Family CtrPartners for Success ProgramThe program is designed to promote the healthy development of students and prevent the escalation of mental health difficulties in children. The objective is to contribute to the positive mental health of identified students and to support the development of student’s social, emotional and resiliency skills.
Alabaster Gates Children’s CharityInternational Education ProjectThe International Education Project connects TDSB students and Jamaican students through Skype. Students explore themes that focus on Social Studies curriculum including student’s cultures, academic, sports, current events, and history.
ALPHA EducationALPHA ProjectALPHA engages students of diverse backgrounds to foster awareness of an often overlooked aspect of WWII history, in the interest of furthering the values of justice, peace, and reconciliation, both for survivors of the past and for those who shape the historical narratives of the present and future. Curriculum resources, in-school workshops, international guest speakers, professional learning sessions, assembly presentations; and off-site student conferences are all available to enhance understanding and critical analysis of the events of WWII in Asia. Staff and students are inspired to make connections between these important historical events and the atrocities of war that continue in the present.
Amdox Company LimitedAuthors' Booking ServiceOver 150 Canadian Authors and Illustrators are available for readings, presentations and workshops. Students learn about the book creator’s background; the writing and/or illustrating process; tips and tools for writing and/or illustrating; as well as hear/see short selections from one or more of the creator’s books. Schools schedule through www.authorsbooking.com, which also provides timely information about authors and illustrators who are currently touring Ontario and who live in the GTA. Presentations are also available to teachers and parents.
Ancient Egypt Alive!Ancient Egypt Day Egyptologists engage elementary students in learning and celebrating Ancient Egypt through a variety of workshops that are applicable to a variety of curriculum areas. Workshops offered in French and English, include: " Write like an Egyptian: Learn the basics of Hieroglyphs " The history and how to write the alphabet. Each student will complete the session by writing his/her name in a cartouche. " Mummy Mania: An insider look at Egyptian mummies " The history, methods and meaning with lively demonstrations and objects. " Egyptian Myths " From the Greeks to the Christian bible, western religious and literary traditions all borrowed from Egyptian myths. We will hear some colourful tales in a lively presentation - and perhaps do some dramatic readings. " Egyptian gods: Let's meet the colourful pantheon of Egyptian gods - mainly animals ". Learn about their beliefs in the afterlife, their very inclusive pantheon of gods, triads, and temple worship. " The Egyptian Pyramid ": Learn about the amazing pyramids of Egypt; and get into the minds of the Pharaohs! " Egyptian Drama and Magic " Drama and recitals were an integral part of Egyptian culture to help in magical transformation - like the journey to the afterlife. Students act out some fun Egyptian myths, readings and rituals. " Egyptian Art: It was all about proportion and balance. " Students examine the way ancient Egyptians drew and carved reliefs by analyzing great examples and then draw their own Egyptian art. " ...
Anthony McLean ( Engage Canada )Bullying & Conflict: What's the Difference?Upbeat and high impact presentations use audience interaction, comedy, pop culture, and “freestyle” raps to keep students engaged. This bullying prevention presentation distinguishes between bullying and conflict. It provides bystanders with practical anti-bullying strategies; and coaches students on how to use social media wisely. It combines powerful teaching with clean entertainment that touches on themes of diversity, masculinity and mental health well-being in the context of distinguishing between conflict and bullying. Presentations for parents are also available, so that they do not overuse the term "bullying".
Art Gallery of Ontario NAC10 Curriculum EnhancementProgramming with students and teachers enriches the classroom learning of NAC 10 ‘Expressing Aboriginal Culture’. Activities include: integrated learning days at the AGO with NAC 10 students, teachers and First Nations, Metis and Inuit Artists; guided tours of the collections and exhibitions related to NAC10 curriculum with AGO staff and guest artists; and, interdisciplinary, artist-led workshops. Students receive two visits to the AGO; while professional learning sessions for educators are scheduled throughout the year. Specific content, workshops, and scheduling for students and teachers is done in collaboration with the Advisory Committee, and promoted to the schools through the TDSB departments represented on the Advisory Committee.
B.E.L.L.A.S. Inspired by CocoThe B.E.L.L.A.S. Project The B.E.L.L.A.S. project engages girls and young women through theatrical assemblies, interactive workshops and arts-based after school programs focused on personal development.
Badal-Mohammed, TaraYou and Your MoneyThe presentation seeks to enhance students' financial literacy skills. Topics include: setting effective S.M.A.R.T. goals, preparing a budget, savings and investments, controlling debt, and setting goals in different areas of life.
BAM Children's Entertainment Inc.Anti-Bullying and Black History Month WorkshopsUsing the dramatic arts, students are taken on a theatrical journey to help to instill them with tools and strategies to deal with bullying and difference. Performances include: The Yellow Bus – students witness Aunty B facing the challenge of being bullied because she has a learning disability. Chocolate Swirl- Little B faces racism and abandonment because of her skin colour. The story is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sweet Clara- In this story, Sweet Clara takes the risk to find her freedom. Students will be encouraged by the story of hope and equality. Freedom on the Menu is a one-woman show using an animated style of storytelling. An historical story that takes place in the 1960s, Connie tells about the struggles her and her siblings faced alongside Martin Luther King Jr to create equal rights and opportunities for everyone.
Beebo MusicRoland Bibeau French School ConcertsThe interactive French and bilingual language music concerts give students the motivation and confidence to sing along to French-language songs. Students learn traditional and contemporary French songs and they lyrics are projected onto a wall or screen to help students sing along. Performances focus on music as a learning tool, and demonstrate how music can be used in teaching students a second language.
Bendana, JuanStudent Leadership, Achievement, PurposeStudent Leadership & Achievement Motivational Speaker provides interactive presentation that provides tools for students to become better leaders and help them gain clarity on where they want their life to go. Two presentations are available: "What do I want to do with my life?" and "Champion of Your Own Story." Juan has been trained by the world's top experts in personal development and leadership such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Bob Proctor, & Les Brown. He has more than ten years experience working with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), leadership development, and positive psychology. He was also named coach of the year at the Global Youth Leadership Summit.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of PeelBBBSP Mentoring This program addresses physical activity, healthy living, and communications/self-esteem skills for boys in grades 6-8. It operates with a structured, group mentoring model, through which all participants develop leadership and life skills.
Blank CanvasesBlank CanvasesBlank Canvases offers elementary students with history of local Toronto artists and specialized visual arts lessons with professional artists. The Program uses the inspiration of both historical and contemporary Toronto artists to inform the lesson planning. During each class, students see images and learn the history and techniques of a specific local Toronto artist. Afterwards, students are led through an art lesson inspired by the technique of the artist culminating in students creating their own unique art pieces.
Boost Child & Youth Advocacy CentreChild Victim Witness Support ProgramThe Child Victim Witness Support program helps to prepare children and youth to testify in criminal court. BOOST staff will meet with students at their school in order to explain what they can expect during the court proceedings and to help students understand more fully the criminal justice system.
Boost Child & Youth Advocacy CentreGrief Therapy ProgramThis program for students who have experienced a traumatic loss, and are currently not in crisis, is co-led by social workers from BOOST and the TDSB. BOOST staff bring unique skills to complement those of TDSB Professional Support Services staff. They incorporate evidence-based practices, including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (TF-CBT), as well as expressive arts, movement, music and the dramatic arts.
Boost Child & Youth Advocacy CentreI'm a Great Kid! I'm a Great Little Kid!Programs are primary prevention programs that make children less vulnerable to abuse and empower them to think and act in positive ways. Topics include making good choices, respecting differences, learning how and where to get help, and understanding different kinds of touch.
Boost Child & Youth Advocacy CentreRelationship Skills Violence ProgramR.S.V.P. provides support for young women who have experienced, or who are considered at risk of experiencing, violence in a personal relationship. The program is intended to prevent victimization and to develop the skills needed to form and maintain healthy relationships.
Boothe, ShaunLive Your LegacyThis assembly presentation tells inspiring life stories of cultural icons through music and rhyme.
Borden Ladner Gervais LLPBLG Reads to KidsBLG Reads to Kids is a volunteer program for BLG staff and professionals to support the development of literacy skills in students at select schools. Each volunteer works with the students assigned to them over the course of the school year, on a weekly basis. Students learn social, reading and language skills, which create the foundation for academic learning. Each school identifies a TDSB staff designate who oversees the program and provides support for volunteers to work effectively with students.
Brampton Academy of Martial ArtsBully B.R.A.V.E. Program Bully B.R.A.V.E. provides anti-bullying workshops that positively impact school climate and give students practical tools to diffuse bullying situations. Students learn practical and proven self-defence techniques. Cooperation, caring and respectful role playing activities teach students how to identify bullying behaviours, and how to minimize being targeted.
Bricks 4 Kidz, Beaches LeslievilleSTEM Program Using LEGO BricksThe STEM Program Using LEGO Bricks introduces children to engineering and mechanical concepts through the use of Lego bricks. Students are led through activities that allow them to design and build using Lego. Weekly workshops integrate and discuss math, science, language arts and social studies topics. Workshops are developed around themes such as transportation, space, and robotics to ensure a high level of interest and engagement of students. Each week, students build the model of the day by following simple step-by-step instructions. During free play time, students are able to explore and create their own designs.
Brown, IanThe Lighter Side Of Mental HealthStudent life can be stressful and demanding. With just the right amount of humour, this presentation encourages students to challenge the stigma around mental illness and creates an awareness of mental health through the dynamic use of comedy, interactive demonstrations and storytelling. Throughout the presentation students become aware of the skills necessary for increasing their resilience, managing stress and are equipped with the terminology to speak up about their mental health needs. Key professional and social resources for reaching out when in need are also discussed.
CAFCAN Life Skills and Community Engagement In support of Caring & Safe Schools programming, CAFCAN will provide life skills group sessions that help youth who have faced complex challenges in the school and in the local community to re-engage. Topics and discussions are varied: from stress management to conflict resolution, from cyber safety to financial literacy. CAFCAN, TDSB Caring & Safe Schools Staff and the youth referred by Caring & Safe schools determine the specific activities to be implemented together.
CameronHelpsTeam UnbreakableSchools interested in establishing an after-school running club to focus on mental health and stress-reduction techniques contact CameronHelps for professional learning training and resources. This program is setup as a 12-week program to TDSB designated staff. Additional resources can be found on the website at www.teamunbreakable.ca/forms/lessons.
Camp Quality CanadaGood Friends Puppet Show Empathy and inclusion are key messages in this educational puppet theatre show which explores the lives of young children facing cancer. Through the use of four life-sized puppets, performers deliver a message of courage, respect and compassion. Most survivors of childhood cancer experience physical, emotional, and cognitive after-effects, which impact their school, family, and social lives. Children with disabilities, whether it be an effect of cancer or any other illness, are targets of bullying and social isolation and may experience lower levels of self-confidence as a result. This program helps children understand the importance of being a good friend - regardless of how different we might be on the outside. Available in French, with bilingual puppeteers.
Canadian Association of Urban FinancialFinancial Literacy PresentationsCAUFP recognizes and realizes the full potential of black and visible minorities in finance professions. CAUFP presentations include the following topics: Financial Values, Financial Health, Lending and Credit; Saving and Investing.
Canadian Blood ServicesOne Match: Stem Cell and Marrow NetworkOneMatch hopes to find potential volunteer donors for patients in need of stem cell transplants. An annual campaign occurs in April of each year at interested secondary schools, for students age 17 years and older, and staff. Participation is strictly and solely with informed consent.
Canadian Centre for Child ProtectionKids in the KnowProfessional learning and resources for the Kids in the Know program builds the capacity to address the issue of how to help students increase their safety and reduce their risk of victimization, both online and offline. Topics include: safe adults; emotions; friendships; trust your Instincts; cell phone safety; threats online; healthy relationships; luring; respect yourself; and social networking.
Canadian Education Exchange FoundationReciprocal Student Exchanges Reciprocal, individualized, international student exchanges, for students in grades 10 & 11, focuses on language learning, cultural understanding, appreciation and acceptance of others, self-awareness and lasting personal contacts. For the 2 or 3 month exchanges, students apply in one school year and both components of the reciprocal exchange take place during the next school year. TDSB students host a visiting student in the fall and then travel overseas in the following spring. Visiting students stay with and attend school with the host student. All exchange agency registration documents, including parent/guardian permissions to participate in all school activities as per procedures of the host family's school board, are provided to TDSB Schools by host families when registering the visiting student as a guest at the school. Students from each country remain on the registry of their home school. Host teachers comment on the attendance, effort and participation of the visiting student and provide the visiting student with a copy of this report before the student returns home. Ministry of Education guidelines for reciprocal student exchanges are followed as per the Ministry of Education document ‘Enrolment Register Instructions for Elementary and Secondary Schools’.
Canadian Foundation for Economic EducationTalk With Kids About Money (TWOKAM) DayTWOKAM is a national day to recognize financial literacy. An annual event, organized and animated by CFEE, is held at Sprucecourt Public School. Exhibits of student work on financial topics are displayed, and guests from the financial sector speak to the students about the topics reflected in the displayed projects.
Canadian Mental Health AssociationThe Opening Doors Project These workshops provide an overview of mental health and illness. They examine on a deeper level mental health issues on racism, diversity and anti-racism, identities in the Canadian context, and the newcomer experience. Through popular theatre and storytelling, students discuss the struggles and challenges for those living with mental illnesses and learn to develop strategies for dealing with discrimination and self-care when dealing with stress. The facilitation of the workshop is supervised by Canadian Mental Health Association staff and attended by TDSB staff designate, including Professional Support Worker, Guidance or Teacher. Workshop names include: Building Bridges: Anti-Racism 101, Working Across Differences: Anti-Mentalism Meets Anti-Racism, Journeys to Canada: Stories of Migration, Mental Health & Wellness 101, Journeys Through Mental Health: A Story-Based Approach, BREATHE: Self-Care In Stressful Times, Starting from the “I’: Reflecting On Our Own Identities, Shades of Gray: Anti-Mentalism 101, Bridging the Gap: Generation & Immigration, Know Your Rights 101.
Canadian Olympic CommitteeCanadian Olympic Schools ProgramThe Canadian Olympic School Program promotes healthy active living, physical literacy and mental fitness within schools and generates interest in the global Olympic Movement.
Canadian Roots ExchangeColonization Past & Present: 100,000 years before Canada's 150thTwo workshops are available for secondary school students: The history of Indigenous peoples dates back thousands of years on Turtle Island (North America) and one workshop will look at land markers and artefacts that prove this. With Canada turning 150 years old, a lot of the focus on the history of this land has been on a colonial timeline and hasn’t adequately included rich history that pre-dates European contact. This workshop aims to ensure that Indigenous history is not further ignored, and will explore the richness and migration of First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities leading up to confederation. We will finish with a reflective component, which will ask the youth to think about ways we can include the original peoples’ content in the celebrations of this land. A second workshop, examines how colonization has negatively impacted the governance structures, communities and populations of Indigenous peoples. To understand the modern issues that First Nations, Metis and Inuit face, we must know the history of violence and oppression that led their people to their current realities. Facilitators will take the class through a timeline of what life was like for Indigenous peoples during the stages of colonization by European settlers and how this continues today. This timeline will also highlight important points in history including the achievements and struggles of ethno-cultural communities in Canada.
Canadian Roots ExchangeEveryday Reconciliation and Solidarity This session is a hands-on session that will present groups with different calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report that was released in the summer of 2015. To start, facilitators will provide a brief presentation of what the TRC is and its implications on the relationships with Indigenous peoples and settlers. The class will be divided into smaller groups, who will then be provided with one of the 94 calls to action published by the TRC. Each call to action comes with a set of questions to get youth thinking about how they can implement the findings of the report and how we can all be in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. Groups will brainstorm on chart paper, and then report back to the larger group. After presenting, each group will be provided with another call to action and begin the process of thinking about how we can implement those actions into our schools, communities and in everyday life. Our sessions are always co-facilitated by Indigenous and non-Indigenous facilitators. We emphasize this shared model of leadership and experiential education in order to provide holistic approaches and diverse perspectives on issues that impact our communities. In all of our activities, we believe that dialogue and cultural representation is necessary to fostering understanding and reconciliation.
Canadian Roots ExchangeWampum Knowledge and Treaty Education WorkshopsWampum Knowledge Workshop teaches students about the historical importance of the Haudenosaunee (one of the Indigenous nations that are the original stewards of the City of Toronto) wampum and its relevance to First Nations culture; and, how wampum was used as a tool for negotiations in initial relationships between Indigenous peoples and European settlers. Afterwards students design their own wampum using templates provided, and share their significance with one another. Treaty Education Workshop: Students learn what treaties are and how they are tied to the foundation of Canada; what territories have treaties and what areas that are still without (such as Ottawa). Students discuss Canada’s obligation to upholding the treaties which allowed for the creation of the country. Because the workshops will be led in Toronto, we will focus on the Dish With One Spoon treaty and Treaty 13A. Youth will be asked to create their own treaty as if they were negotiating with new settlers, and share them with their peers.
Carter, KernPassion and PaperThis workshop is delivered by a professional writer and focuses on taking a passion and turning it into a career using writing as the focal point. Students analyze excerpts from the book, Thoughts of a Fractured Soul, to explore themes, including the importance of decision making and its short and long term impact, along with overcoming external and internal obstacles to reach a goal. The workshop also provides writing samples and strategies for online content.
Catholic Crosscultural ServicesSettlement Education Partnership Toronto SEPTSEPT offers settlement services to newly arrived families and secondary school students in schools’ satellite and reception centres. Settlement Workers deliver individual/family services, or group programs that help participants understand and successfully transition into the education system; and accelerate the settlement process. SEPT also delivers two programs in the summer for newly arrived students and families, some of whom are enrolled in TDSB summer school courses. These programs include: Newcomer Orientation Week (NOW) program for secondary students; and, Welcome Information for Newcomer (WIN) program for middle school students and families.
Centennial CollegeCulture & Heritage Field PlacementThis program provides field placement opportunities for Culture and Heritage Site Management (CHSM) program students from Centennial College. Field placements within TDSB sites provide Centennial College students who are considering a career in culture and heritage management, the opportunity to learn by working alongside a supervising TDSB Manager, Archives. These placements satisfy course requirements for field placement experience.
Centennial CollegeDSW, PSW, RPN and SSW Field PlacementsThis Program provides field placement opportunities for students in the Developmental Services Worker, Personal Support Worker, Registered Practical Nursing and Social Service Worker programs at the College. College students who are considering a career with a special needs population are placed in TDSB schools and have an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in Special Education classrooms for TDSB students with developmental disabilities.
Centennial CollegeEarly Childhood Studies Field PlacementsEarly Childhood Studies Field Placements provide post-secondary students who are considering a career within early childhood education, an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in classrooms. These placements satisfy college course requirements for field placement students to collaborate with TDSB teaching staff to enhance their understanding of curriculum; to plan and implement activities for TDSB students; and to foster positive relationships with children, staff, parents and families; and to provide resources to assist TDSB students to successfully transition through the early years' grades.
Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS)Building Healthy Relationship SkillsBased on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solutions-Focused models of support, small group workshops are offered. Students experiencing difficulties related to school involvement are provided with strategies and supports for externalizing behaviours; depression and anxiety; and, substance abuse.
Centre for Gender and Sexual DiversityLGBTQ-Ally Youth Training ForumsTo engage school communities in eliminating all forms of discrimination that youth face, each forum is a one-day event that addresses topics such as homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, bullying, violence and discrimination in schools.During the forums, students participate in workshops on the following topics: Two Spirit, Conflict Resolution & Transformative Justice, Communal Art Project, Advocacy, Event Planning, Disability & the Arts, Faith & Spirituality, Newcomer Issues, Relationship Game, Gender Play. Participating students and staff are invited to attend the Dare to Stand Out: The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Forum, a week-long training in May of each year. Participating teachers are invited to attend a professional learning conference in April of each year.
Centre for Immigrant&Community ServicesSettlement Education Partnership Toronto SEPTSEPT offers settlement services to newly arrived families and secondary school students in schools’ satellite and reception centres. Settlement Workers deliver individual/family services, or group programs that help participants understand and successfully transition into the education system; and accelerate the settlement process. SEPT also delivers two programs in the summer for newly arrived students and families, some of whom are enrolled in TDSB summer school courses. These programs include: Newcomer Orientation Week (NOW) program for secondary students; and, Welcome Information for Newcomer (WIN) program for middle school students and families.
Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)CPA Canada Financial Literacy PresentationsThe presentations teach students basic concepts and skills through interactive activities and case studies. The hour-long presentations are grade specific (grades 4 and 5; grades 7 and 8; and grades 10 and 11), and cover the following topics: Bartering; Needs and Wants; Goal Setting; Earning Income; Credit Cards and Bad Debt versus Good Debt; and Budgeting and Savings. Chartered Professional Accountant volunteers lead the presentations and each session includes a group activity followed by time for questions and answers. The aim of the presentations is to deliver unbiased objective financial literacy education and information to improve students’ understanding of financial literacy. Schools visit www.cpacanada.ca/en/the-cpa-profession/financial-literacy and complete the online school workshop request form in order to schedule a presentation. Presentations are available in both English and French.
Child Development Institute (CDI)Act & AdaptAct and Adapt program targets children in grades 5-8 with internalizing issues who have a difficult time managing mood. Small groups of 4-5 children attend the group for 20 weeks and cover such topics as: Solving Problems, Make Time for Fun, Identify and Change Your Negative Thoughts.
Child Development Institute (CDI)Friends for LifeFriends for Life is a 10-week program for children ages 6-12. The focus is on helping students learn skills to cope with stress and to build emotional resilience, self-esteem, problem-solving skills and confident self-expression.
Child Development Institute (CDI)Intensive Comunity and Home ServicesICHS provides a treatment alternative to residential placement for high risk latency age children who demonstrate severe levels of externalizing behaviours such as aggression and defiance. Individualized treatment plans are developed and include weekly group programming as well as individual support and appointments in the clients’ home and community environments.
Child Development Institute (CDI)School Liason ProgramThe School Liaison Program (SLP) is designed to meet the school-day special needs of homeless children, residing in shelters, by helping them while they attend a local school. The program is currently established at several downtown schools; however follow-up services as well as services to other school settings are also offered. Cultural interpretation is provided on an as needed basis.
Child Development Institute (CDI)SNAP In-school Skills CoachingSNAP® Skills Coaching are gender-specific programs designed for children aged 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, externalizing, antisocial behaviour and/or have come into contact with the police as a result of their behaviour.
Child Development Institute (CDI)SNAP Program (Stop Now and Plan)SNAP® workshops are for children who are externalizing mental health and anger management problems. SNAP® facilitators work with children and their parents, to learn self-control, increase problem-solving strategies, and, how to regulate their emotions.
Child Development Institute (CDI)SNAP Youth Outreach ProjectSNAP® for Youth outreach project serves adolescents. The program combines prevention and intervention approaches to help at-risk youth develop pro-social skills, self-control and problem-solving skills, and to focus on building positive family and school relationships.
Child Development Institute (CDI)Start Right Social Skills ProgramA proactive program for kindergarten children helps build social skills. Children learn in small groups, and parents receive information about how to review the skills at home.
Classical Ticketing and Production Inc.The Classical Theatre ProjectFour workshops, and various performances, are available. Workshops include: "Words, Words, (S)Words" - Students play with Shakespeare insults to gain command of the language, explore intent, connection to scene partners and projection. That work is then used to explore a scene or speech from a given Shakespeare play. "All The World's A Stage" - Students explore professional actors' tips and tricks to not only understand Shakespeare but to connect with the material. Scenes are explored in detail and performed at the end of the workshop. "Ready! Set! Act!" - Develop insight into the thematic universality of the Bard through creating and performing modernized versions of specific scenes, while learning the basics of performance and presentation, building self-confidence, promoting self-exploration and improving team work. "Stand & Deliver" - Specially crafted for ESL students, this workshop combines elements from all our workshops and focuses on developing the skills needed to speak in front of an audience with confidence. Performances Available: "Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged" - Three actors attempt to perform every single Shakespeare play in 85 minutes. This high-energy and hilarious production is designed to get students excited about Shakespeare and is perfect for all grades. Workshops are often added before or after the show. Subsidies could be available.
Clearview School of Arts and CultureClearview Chinese Arts WorkshopsPerformances and Workshops increase students' understanding of Chinese art, dance, culture and heritage include Lion Dance and other traditional Chinese dancing; as well as calligraphy. They are wonderful special events suitable for schools' celebrating Asian Heritage month, or the Chinese New Year.
COBA (Collective of Black Artists)Sankofa Dance Workshops, Seminars and PerformancesThe Collective of Black Artists (COBA) offers workshops, seminars (lecture demonstrations) and performances with a traditional West African and African Diasporic dance lens that create a comprehensive, inclusive and fun understanding of dance and improvisation. Sankofa symbolizes the artistic values that infuse all COBA educational programs. The Sankofa symbol is a mythical bird of the Akan people, that flies forward with its head turned backwards. In keeping with the values of Sankofa, COBA presents workshops and performances of dance, music, poetry and rhythm and oral histories woven together that are responsive to the present while celebrating the past.
Common CompassCommon CompassThe program offers workshops, retreats and trainings to empower students to show empathy as they interact with their peers in their school and beyond. The program seeks to enhance students’ self-identity and self-esteem; strengthen connectedness and support their assertiveness, promoting inclusion, and positive decision-making. Using the SELF-OTHERS-SKILLS model, students learn strategies to manage their mental health and well-being. The program includes: 1. Social Emotional Learning and Empathy Workshops support students to understand their emotions to improve their emotional expression and communication skills. 2. Mental Health Peer Leader Training helps students understand common mental health challenges, myths and facts, signs and symptoms. 3. Leadership Workshops allow students to develop an understanding of positive leadership characteristics, leadership and conflict styles and how they may grow their leadership skills within their schools and communities. 4. Retreats offer fun, reflective opportunities for students in leadership roles, or at particular points during the school year. They combine 2 or 3 workshops for day-long event. 5. Professional Learning offers training for TDSB staff to explore the relationship between social emotional learning and academic achievement. Staff also learn of positive coping mechanisms students may use and signs for when students may require additional supports.
Community Builders Youth LeadershipYouth Leadership ProgramCommunity Builders Youth Leadership offers an annual symposium on inclusion, conflict resolution and peer support to select schools. Select students learn concepts of community circle, anti-oppression, ally skills and conflict resolution skills to create a community response to bullying. Following the symposium, select students design and deliver workshops on diversity and belonging to their peers. When workshops are completed, lead teachers and students may design and implement projects to address identified problems in their schools. Resources and workbooks are available to schools. Workshops and assemblies are also offered to interested elementary schools. Community Builders Youth Leadership also provides professional development to teachers and workshops to parents on diversity and inclusion.
Community Living TorontoSpinclusionSpinclusion is a hands-on game that promotes peer inclusion to help create welcoming environments for students with special needs. Students are encouraged to think about inclusion of all people within their own communities and society as a whole.
Concerned Kids Charity of Toronto (The)Expanded Communicating Through PuppetryPresentations use puppetry to address bullying, anger management, mental health, peer pressure and substance abuse topics in order to maintain respect and enhance students’ self-esteem and personal safety and the safety of others. The presentation is followed by a question and answer session to allow students to ask questions about the issues raised. The presentations aim to empower students in kindergarten -Grade 6 to make smarter and kinder choices and help to create safer schools and communities.
Consulate General of ChinaChinese Culture and Language EducationSeveral activities occur, as scheduled, with varying audiences, timelines and evaluation measures.
Consulate General of the United States Speakers Bureau PresentationThis presentation offers the unique opportunity for secondary students to be exposed to an American diplomat who will share his/her expertise on American history, US State Department, Consulate duties and diplomacy.
COPAStrategies for Change Violence Prevention Parent WorkshopsThe Safe, Strong and Free Violence Prevention Programs offer innovative and relevant programming to schools. COPA staff lead interactive workshops with students, staff and parents in both English and French to prevent violence, bullying and to enhance equity and inclusion. Programs include Power to Change (for teachers and staff); Allies in Action (for teachers and staff); Student Mentorship (senior students use their leadership skills to create equitable and inclusive spaces in their schools working with teachers in the Allies in Action program); and Whole School Programs (for students, staff, parents and families). The Safe@School website offers educators a number of resources, as well as three professional learning modules. The modules are: Bullying Prevention; Equity and Inclusive Education; Parents and Caregivers, Partners in Prevention. The resources may be accessed in English at www.changeourworld.ca and in French at www.bienetrealecole.ca
Covenant HouseYouth Homelessness Awareness and Prevention Presentations raise awareness about youth homelessness and prevention; youth leadership and social responsibility on the issue; resources and community supports. Two presentations are available for student audiences grades 7 - 12: "Before You Run" - covers a broad range of issues that youth face. Explains how the circumstances that lead young people to the street are as varied as the youth themselves. Discusses how the experiences of family breakdown, abuse, mental health, bullying, drugs, exploitation/online luring, and stress can act as contributing factors to youth homelessness. "Reality Check" - deglamourizes street life and discusses the struggle homeless youth face; how they’re driven to steal, sell drugs or worse, targeted by predators and often trading their dignity to survive. Students also participate in an activity that highlights the hardship young people face while trying to live independently, without family support, education or career. Includes a video featuring Covenant House youth describing the challenges they faced on the street and what they’ve done to overcome them. Students are encouraged to be future leaders, to volunteer in their communities, to give back, and pay it forward. We also provide local resources where youth can get help or get involved.
Crescendo FinancialA+ Money GradThis financial literacy workshop series teaches the fundamentals of successful money management. Students will be given 'mock-money' to invest in a variety of scenarios to learn about financial planning, investing and spending. The topics include: "Too cool for school: A review of post-secondary education funding options with pros and cons"; "This is Your Life: An exercise in successful cash flow planning"; "MoneyBall: A lesson in investments and investing"; and "Myth Busters: Busting the myths of perceived financial success".
Cricket CanadaCricket FUNdamentalsThe Cricket FUNdamentals program provides opportunities for students to participate in skills development activities and competitions to encourage life-long participation in cricket. The program offers afterschool and intramural cricket training and skills development clinics, indoor cricket competitions in the winter, outdoor competitions in the spring, and professional learning for TDSB staff. The program seeks to develop pathways to competitive cricket for students and provides mentorship opportunities for national cricket players. Workshops and clinics are consistent with Sports Canada and Cricket Canada’s LTAD model. Activities include: - Indoor and outdoor league and tournament development (both intramural and multi-school) using the Ten10 format. - Train-the-Trainer programs that provide professional learning sessions and resources to TDSB staff. - Community Coach Accreditation (NCCP) for TDSB staff.
CultureLink Settlement and Community ServicesBike to School WeekCultureLink works with TDSB EcoSchools, Sustainability Office to offer educational activities and resources that enable students, teachers and staff to discover the personal, social and ecological benefits of cycling for transportation.
CultureLink Settlement and Community ServicesSettlement Education Partnership Toronto SEPTSEPT offers settlement services to newly arrived families and secondary school students in schools’ satellite and reception centres. Settlement Workers deliver individual/family services, or group programs that help participants understand and successfully transition into the education system; and accelerate the settlement process. SEPT also delivers two programs in the summer for newly arrived students and families, some of whom are enrolled in TDSB summer school courses. These programs include: Newcomer Orientation Week (NOW) program for secondary students; and, Welcome Information for Newcomer (WIN) program for middle school students and families.
CYDMSMentoring & Violence Prevention (MVP) The Centre of Youth Development and Mentoring Services provides a Basketball/Sports League on weekends which engages equity seeking and racialized youth, particularly from East Africa. Weekly afterschool workshops, March Break and Summer Programming are also learning and mentoring opportunities provided to referred youth.
dancED Movement ProjectdancED Movement ProjectThis is an enrichment dance program for elementary students in "Hip Hop", "Broadway/Musical Theatre" and "Swing/Jive/Afro-Cuban". Students learn the history of each dance style, improvisational techniques and choreographic sequences to explore rhythm, physicality, movement, spatial awareness and emotional awareness. Students explore the creative process by working individually and in groups to create their own movement and practice the learned dance step sequences. The program culminates with a final dance showcase where each class presents their dances to peers, parents and teachers.
DAREarts Foundation for ChildrenAll-the-Arts ProgramAn off-site program for selected students providing learning opportunities in Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Dance, Drama, Literature, Fashion/Design, Digital Learning, and the Culinary Arts.
Detailing Knights Inc.Leadership Through Entrepreneurship PresentationThis presentation aims to inform students about the benefits of running a business and to help them understand the various skills required to be a successful entrepreneur.
Director's Cut (The)The Director's Cut Media Literacy WorkshopsThe workshops turn classrooms into fun, interactive and engaged Hollywood studios for the day. Using a mobile digital media lab and led by Imaginators, students transform their creativity and imagination into an Oscar-worthy media production. Students work in small groups using the latest digital film equipment. Workshop topics include self-esteem and body image, cyberbullying, digital media storytelling, stop motion animation, and music video production. Workshops are also available in French. Imaginators are leading filmmakers and digital media specialists who take a class through the filmmaking process over the course of a day. Lesson plans, assessment, evaluation and other resources are available from The Director’s Cut.
Discover Your DanceDiscover Your Dance WorkshopsThe workshop starts with a contemporary dance duet performed for students by two professional dancers on the topic of the four seasons of the year. This performance is followed by a brief discussion where students make links between the dance and the four seasons. In the next part of the session, students explore each season using fundamental dance concepts (such as level changes, different energies, spatial pathways, relationships, and tempo changes etc.) to portray movements relevant to each season. The session culminates with performances by students where they put all the elements explored together and create short duets that they perform for each other. This is followed by a discussion where students reflect on the workshop and express what was new for them, their favorite movements, and the value of working with a dance partner.
Down to Earth Conservation EducationDown to Earth Conservation EducationThe program provides 19 unique presentations, workshops and artefact displays for elementary and secondary students, on environmental and social justice, historical, and mental health and wellness topics. Presentations promote empathy and respect for others, and cultural and environmental awareness. Using engaging visuals and diverse displays, students learn about people, places and historical events by travelling through rainforests, exploring oceans, walking among Indigenous peoples, or retracing the routes of African peoples who were enslaved. Presentations include, but are not limited to the following (www.downtoearth.to): Oceans Alive! - Students explore oceans to better understand marine life and environmental threats to the ecosystem. Forests Alive! - Students examine temperate and tropical forest ecosystems to understand interdependence and complex symbiotic relationships Ancient Maya / Egypt - Students step back in time to discover ancient civilizations. The Buzz on Bees - Students will get informed about the decline of bees and other endangered species. Black History - Students will depart on a historic journey to learn about the middle passage, life on a plantation, the underground railroad, emancipation and more. In My Shoes - Students will journey in the shoes of others to learn about poverty, homelessness and discrimination. Great for anti-bullying!
Earth Day CanadaThe OPAL ProjectThe OPAL Project provides selected elementary schools with a strategy to improve outdoor self-directed play for students. The program supports the social, emotional, physical and mental health benefits of outdoor play and nature connection. Earth Day Canada facilitators will work with a lead team at each school, including teachers, administrators, school staff, and parents to examine play activities and its benefits, develop a school mission statement about play and create an action plan to improve play provision. Schools will develop a play strategy and implementation plan. Resources will be developed and lessons shared through a school-wide communication plan. Project sustainability will be addressed. A culminating assembly will celebrate the achievement of the whole school community and the project. Earth Day Canada will offer an annual Play Symposium open to any TDSB staff to attend. School staff/administrators of the OPAL schools will be invited to share their experiences and learnings at the Symposium and peer mentoring relationships will be encouraged among the participating schools.
Earth RangersEarth Rangers AssemblyThe Earth Rangers Assembly offers an engaging and interactive presentation bringing concepts of science and biodiversity from the real world into the classroom. Using live Animal Ambassadors including reptiles, mammals and birds to connect with students, the hour-long assembly teaches students to develop empathy for wildlife and to support protecting animals and their habitats. Students learn about threatened Canadian species, the importance of protecting the environment and adopting more sustainable behaviours. Earth Rangers provide supplementary environmental information on how to make a difference through tangible activities and conservation projects for students to complete at home. Earth Rangers provides curriculum resources available online at www.earthrangers.org/bring-back-the-wild-curriculum-resources.
East Metro Youth ServicesPositive Experiences for Re-engaging in Academic and Life Skills (PERALS)PERALS uses a 'resiliency model' that focuses on providing supports that help to re-engage youth who have faced complex challenges. The program offers program assessment, student assessment, student attendance criteria, academic and life skill supports.
Education of the Next GenerationENG Dance EducationTo motivate and inspire the next generation of students through the art of dance.ENG workshops focus on the concepts of Creating, Presenting and Dance/Movement Foundations. Creativity activities allow students to express themselves through movement; and then students present and perform dance routines to their classmates. Fundamental dance vocabulary is introduced in their selected dance style. We focus our education on the elements of dance (body, space, time, energy, and relationship) that are emphasized in each grade level, making our workshops grade-specific. We rely on the curriculum as a guideline to educate students through the art of dance and inspire them to develop their individual creativity.
EduTravel Inc.EduTravel for CreditStudents may choose from a variety of EDU courses suggested for each travel destination or they may choose an Interdisciplinary Studies course that matches their passions and future goals. Edu Travel for Credit highlights student travel as an integral part of the learning experience that opens minds and bridges cultural divides. EduTravel works with local, national, and international partners to ensure that all experiences include a social justice component within the curriculum that helps to enrich the overall learning experience. TDSB Continuing Education ensures appropriate teaching delivery of curriculum and accreditation, the receipt and confirmation of student marks and the generation of report cards , student information system updates and reporting to day schools, as required. EduTravel is a bonded, licensed and insured educational tour operator that arranges the travel logistics (travel itineraries collaboratively designed in keeping with course content, tours, accommodations and additional staff serving as guides and chaperones). EduTravel charges a fee to families for their services.
Epilepsy TorontoTeaching Awareness Through PuppetryTeaching Awareness Through Puppetry uses lively educational puppetry to teach students and staff about disabilities and differences.
Equal Justice CanadaJustice Speaking ToursSeven presentations by various legal professionals are available to enhance social science curriculum regarding issues of legal rights and access to justice. Focus is to educate youth on the dangers, traps and consequences of the criminal justice system and how to protect themselves on a daily basis to build a positive and safe future. Menu of presentations: 1. Human Rights Lawyer: What are some of the grounds of discrimination that people face each day and how are they protected by law? 2. Criminal Lawyer: Why is justice in courts different for each racial and social group and how does the legal system need to change? 3: Constitutional Lawyer: What is each person’s charter rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Constitutional Law? 4: Justice of the Peace: Who is a Justice of the Peace, why is their job of deciding on the freedom and bail release of those arrested so important? 5: Social Implications of an Arrest: What every youth needs to know when approached by the police? How to recover from an arrest? 6: Mental Health Lawyer specializing in Youth Offenses: How mental health, family challenges and youth homelessness affect crime? 7. Criminal Court Judge and Court Role Play (Students will be assigned roles to play in script where they play Crown, Defense Counsel, Accused etc.; Court cases will be decided by real Criminal Court Judge; Followed by a Question and Answer Period with the honorable Justice.)
Errol Lee Caring ConcertsCaring Kids Concerts: Music is the MethodThis motivational assembly is specifically designed to teach, nurture, and model positive character traits. All concerts are multi-sensory and use music, movement, media and visual communication strategies to give audiences an experience where students will sing, dance and inspire to care about each other. All concerts teach kindness, self-confidence, self-esteem and character building catered to each age group. This presentation is a dynamic addition to celebrate Black History Month.
Etobicoke Children's Centre (The)Ready Set GoProgram activities include games, crafts, reading & singing, cooperative activities, discussions, self reflection, relaxation, learning and practicing identified skills, and role playing.
Exacto Systems Inc.Proliteracy.ca: Financing a Post-Secondary EducationWorkshop provides innovative ways to plan finances for a post-secondary education. Topics include introduction to fundamental financial concepts, personal loan versus student loans, grants and scholarships, and strategies to reduce debt and manage finances responsibly. Students will have an opportunity to explore their desired career path and see the cost estimates and funding options available using the website proliteracy.ca.
Extend-A-FamilyFriendship CirclesFriendship Circles nurture the meaningful participation of a student with a disability with peers in their school, support the friendships developed between the student with a disability and other students, and encourage extending these relationships outside of school.
Facing History and Ourselves Facing History: Professional Learning WorkshopsTailored hands-on teacher professional development workshops draw on an extensive collection of engaging, multidisciplinary, classroom-ready resources, academic scholarship and student-centered teaching strategies that foster students’ historical thinking skills and knowledge, ethical reasoning, empathy, self-efficacy and civic engagement. Contemporary texts on identity and membership, to case studies on the Holocaust, American Civil Rights, and Canada’s colonial past, the Indian Residential Schools, TRC and reconciliation efforts fit well into an English/Language Arts, History and Social Science classroom and beyond. Our model helps teachers to help their students make the essential connections between human behaviour, historical instances of prejudice, racism, and religious intolerance, and the moral choices they confront in their own lives. In a whole school context, Facing History’s professional learning can enable schools and classrooms to take issues of culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy, inclusion, equity and reconciliation seriously, and the tools to address these issues confidently.
Fashion Takes ActionMy Clothes My World My Clothes My World is a practical workshop that highlights the social and environmental impacts in the apparel industry. Students learn the life cycle and supply chain of the apparel industry, environmental impacts, positive and negative impact on human interactions and their communities while learning to debate and create sustainable solutions to problems. At the end of the workshop, students engage in a practical exercise to deconstruct and reconstruct an old t-shirt into a bag.
Flemingdon Health Centre, HATPPediatric Health Initiative ClinicClinics in elementary and secondary schools address the issue of students in inner city communities who come to school with undiagnosed and untreated health concerns that prevent them from learning. Its objective is to provide students with access to a medical clinic, on site, in schools. The initiative provides the services of a pediatric clinic in the school. Medical practitioners, including but exclusive to: nurse practitioners, physicians, pediatricians, community health workers; consult with students (and, if elementary school age, with their families) on a variety of medical, behavioural and developmental and school-related concerns. Services may include, and are not limited to: 1. Medical - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, health counselling and referrals to other medical specialists, or dietician. 2. Behavioural and Developmental - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, related mental health counselling, referrals to specialist and/or community agencies. 3. Clinical services will be provided on a referral basis from: a) parents b) Gift of Sight and Sound Program c) School Support Team in selected feeder schools d) Discretionary appointments through the in-school support team. 3) For secondary students, self-referral
FoodShare Toronto Field to Table Schools ProgramFoodShare’s award-winning Field to Table Schools Program works with TDSB staff and students to provide good food education in schools with hands-on activities, workshops, events and growing projects. Students from JK to Grade 12 as well as teachers and staff learn about composting, innovative food gardens, nutrition, cooking, local and global food systems, food skills, budgeting and more. FoodShare’s philosophy on food literacy education is that every interaction with food should be a positive one. They strive to excite, equip & educate students and teachers on food topics that are interesting, curriculum linked and relevant. Each year, FoodShare also provides expertise, training, curriculum resources, school garden consultations and educator workshops for teachers, administrators and parents throughout the TDSB.
FoodShare Toronto School Grown Education CentresFoodshare Toronto’s School Grown Education Centres use gardens located at schools and on TDSB sites to enhance students’ learning. The Program provides experiential learning opportunities, enhanced curriculum, career awareness, school nutrition and food services programs for students. The Program includes co-facilitating secondary level courses, delivery of workshops and presentations and ongoing support of school gardens. The Centres also offer professional development sessions, community workshops and special events space. FoodShare hires students to work alongside the School Grown farm manager during the summer to operate the market gardens, sell fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets and deliver produce to local restaurants.
Freedom in Dance & AthleticsFreedom Dance AthleticsProgram offers a dance enrichment workshop series to teach choreography in Hip Hop, Jazz, African, Caribbean/Soca, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Disco dance styles. Students learn characteristics of each dance style and choreographic sequence. Program also offers athletic building components unique to dance specifically. Sport movements are often built into exercises, rhythmic drills, dance moves and elements. At the end of the workshop or series, students create and/or perform a routine of varying length. Schools may choose to participate in one or a series of workshops.
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal CentreTour for HumanityThe innovative, award-winning presentation is in a 30-seat, wheelchair accessible, mobile human rights education center housed in an RV designed to bring programming directly to schools across Ontario. T4H incorporates multimedia to provide students with a rich and interactive learning experience. The T4H mobile classroom is equipped with an LED-screen covered video wall and HD surround sound to further encourage students’ interest and involvement. Each T4H session is approximately 45 to 60 minutes in length. The mobile classroom can accommodate one class of 30 students at a time, allowing for six classes or 180 students over the span of a typical school day. Presentations educate students about human rights and social justice issues through the lens of historical events in Canada and around the world; including the Holocaust, genocide, and world heroes.
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