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These organizations have educational programming partnership agreements, to provide some or all of their programming in schools during instructional time. 

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Vujade Entertainment Inc.Creature ShopThis hands-on workshop teaches students motion picture special effect techniques to create their own animatronic creation. Students handle and explore the simple machines that give the illusion that puppets are alive including mechanical pulleys, push-pull rods, gears and gear chains. Students learn different kinds of special effects, comparing computer generated effects to floor effects. Students build their own animatronic creation to participate in a challenge in stacking a pyramid of wooden blocks. After the workshop, students keep their own creations.
Vujade Entertainment Inc.Puppets Cool! Toons! Three choices are available in these Media Arts, Creative Design, Animation and Tech workshops using Puppetry design, creation and story-telling. Students learn in a creative, multimedia production process. Culminating activity includes students producing original film and other story-telling media using the puppets (and characters) they create. For secondary students, a more comprehensive look at mechanical puppetry and animation is explored; how it works with technology and STEM concepts, and the intricacies of these media arts. Details can be found at www.puppets-cool.com
Warren Hoselton (Professor Pricklethorn)Trees PleaseAn interactive presentation that puts tree preservation, protection and awareness into practice. This presentation uses fun and engaging demonstrations, discussion and role-playing to explain the importance of trees in our day-to-day lives and long-term environmental needs. Students learn how and why trees make us feel better and live healthier lives, five simple ways to assist the survival and preservation of urban trees and the role and career of an arborist.
Water First Education and Training Inc.GUSH - Water Education WorkshopsThese workshops explore issues related to water pollution and watersheds. In the Pollution Solutions workshop, students are introduced to the Grassy Narrows community and explore the impact of industrial water contamination on the community over the past 50 years. Students separate mixtures and solutions and investigate the social, environmental and economic issues related to resource extraction. In the Working Watersheds workshop, students are introduced to the Northern Ontario Ring of Fire, a mining project that was discovered in 2007. Students design and create a Northern Ontario that meets the needs of various stakeholders, including three First Nations communities that are most seriously impacted. Using inquiry-based learning, students work in teams to formulate questions, gather and organize, interpret and analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions, and communicate their findings.
WE CharityWE SchoolsWE Schools programming includes free presentations for student and staff audiences facilitated by motivational speakers with in-depth knowledge of a variety of global issues. Professional learning sessions focus on creating student leadership and ‘service-learning’ opportunities. Through these presentations, students and educators gain an understanding of the root causes of social justice issues such as hunger, poverty, and access to education. They are also encouraged to explore, plan and implement at least one local and one global action, and celebrate its’ positive social impact! All sessions include curriculum and resource materials through a WE Schools Kit.
Wheelchair Basketball Canada Wheelchair Basketball Schools ProgramThe presentation includes a welcome and introduction to a wheelchair basketball athlete who explains the rules of the game and demonstrates basic ball handling, passing and chair skills. The athlete will play an actual game of wheelchair basketball with students allowing students an opportunity to try the game for themselves. The presentation will end with a question period so students may ask the athletes questions. Online resources are also available for teachers to use in their classrooms.
White Ribbon Promoting Healthy Masculinities to End Gender-Based ViolenceAs a thought leader in equal gender norms, and healthy masculinities, White Ribbon provides five different foci for “Building Ally-ship” sessions: 1. Building Ally-ship Together With Women and Girls to End Gender-Based Violence 2. Building Ally-ship and Unpacking “Bro-Culture” 3. Building Ally-ship through Consent Culture and Effective Bystander Intervention 4. Building Ally-ship and Exploring My Own Role and Commitment to Ending Gender-Based Violence 5. Building Ally-ship through Storytelling and Action Planning
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityMSW Field PlacementsMSW students acquire field education experience in social work services with TDSB staff mentors; working with TDSB students, schools and families. Field placements within TDSB sites provide post-secondary MSW students who are considering a career in Social Work, the opportunity to learn by working alongside a supervising TDSB Social Worker. These placements satisfy post-secondary course requirements for field placement experience.
WonderPhilInternet Safety Magic ShowThrough the art of magic, infused with comedy, this presentation introduces students to the concepts of internet safety, and why they need to be mindful of their online presence. Concepts that include Personal Information, Passwords, and the Permanence of an Online Presence, are discussed, described, illustrated in a fun way. 'Think Before you Click' is the motto. Magic and comedy is the vehicle to drive the ideas home.
X Movement Inc.Connected Movement Connected Movement provides workshops and events that integrate physical, emotional, social and environmental literacy. These include: ‘Aussie X’ through Aussie Rules footy, cricket and netball, students experience Australian culture and core values; ‘X Dance’ explores music and cultures from around the world and students discover dance in an energizing and inspiring way; ‘X Fusion’ blends movement skills from yoga, pilates and gymnastics through a circus-like experience; and ‘X Power’ explores blocking movements, personal space for safety, core strengths and basic fundamental movements. Workshops and events for parents are also available. X Movement meets with interested schools to assess their community’s needs, isolate objectives and customize the selected workshop. X Movement provides all equipment required during the session. It does not leverage the educational programming moment to market any product or service to the school community.
York UniversityAboriginal People, Identity and Education This advanced credit experience includes both university and secondary school courses that provide students with the opportunity to learn from Aboriginal authors, filmmakers, and artists who are telling their own stories. What does it mean to be an Aboriginal/Indigenous person in Canada? What does it mean to be an Aboriginal person living in an urban environment like Toronto? The dual course includes reading books, watching films, and going to art galleries. Students investigate and develop their own responses to questions of identity and Aboriginality. They explore Aboriginal perspectives of "identify", "history", "literature", and "traditions"; and, allows them to develop their own understanding of Aboriginal worldviews. Students register with TDSB Continuing Education for either (NDA3M) Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada or (NDW4M) Issues of Indigenous Peoples in a Global Context.
York UniversityCommunity Outreach Nursing Engagement (CORNER)CORNER is an offering of the York University School of Nursing through which schools can request presentations on various Health Promotion topics. Presentations are designed for student, staff and/or parent audiences. They are prepared and presented in schools by York University Nursing Students with York University Faculty oversight. To select topic/s and schedule a session, TDSB staff are asked to visit www.yorku/CORNER http://nursing.info.yorku.ca/corner/. The School of Nursing Clinical Course faculty supervise York University students, and attend presentations. THE CORNER placement model is a program-based approach to community nursing praxis.
York UniversityMasters School Psychology Field PlacementsSchool psychology field placement opportunities are provided for graduate students in Clinical Psychology. Field placements within TDSB sites provide university students who are considering a career within Clinical Psychology, an opportunity to learn by working alongside a supervising TDSB Psychologist Staff. These placements satisfy course requirements for field placement experience.
York UniversityMSW Field PlacementsMSW students acquire field education experience in social work services with TDSB staff mentors; working with TDSB students, schools and families. Field placements within TDSB sites provide post-secondary MSW students who are considering a career in Social Work, the opportunity to learn by working alongside a supervising TDSB Social Worker. These placements satisfy post-secondary course requirements for field placement experience.
York UniversityWabaan _ Indigenous Initial Teacher Education Wabaan is an Anishinabe (Ojibwa) word meaning it is tomorrow. It signifies commitment to a holistic program of teaching and learning that acknowledges the impacts of colonialism, and draws on the wisdom of ancestral teachings and contemporary leaders to put Indigenous futures into Indigenous hands. Rooted in Indigenous Thought, Wabaan will provide traditional and contemporary teachings from Indigenous Elders, educators, and community leaders. Responding to the urgent and long-­standing need for a teacher education program that centers Indigenous worldviews, knowledges and pedagogies, York will work with TDSB Aboriginal Education Centre, teachers and students to support the development of a program that will educate a new generation of teachers prepared to address the needs of First Nation, Métis and Inuit students, families and communities.
Yorktown Family ServicesCognitive Behavioural Therapy GroupsThis program focuses on building skills through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) curriculum, that addresses and supports the management of intense emotions that may be getting in the way of students’ meeting their academic and social goals. The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Groups led by Yorktown staff are gender specific: • ‘Girl Talk’ is for girls aged 12 – 16 • ‘Think First’ is for boys aged 12 – 16. Experiential and participatory learning methods to match developmental needs of youth include: discussion, role-play and creative exercises (including journaling, youth-oriented hand-outs). Process- oriented group work fosters social affiliation among young people by helping them make positive healthy connections with each other and with supportive adults.
Yorktown Family ServicesCoping CatsThe “Coping Cats” program provides identified students between the ages of 7 – 12 who have internalizing behaviours (such as anxiety) with opportunities to learn vital cognitive and social skills within a supportive group context. The group program focuses on building skills through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) curriculum that addresses and supports the management of intense emotions that may be getting in the way of the participants’ meeting their academic and /social goals.
Yorktown Family ServicesDouble T (Temper Tamers)The “Double T (Temper Tamers)" program provides identified students aged 6 – 12 who are displaying disruptive and aggressive behaviour with opportunities to learn vital cognitive and social skills within a supportive group context.
Young Yogis TorontoBreathe-Stretch-Rest-RepeatStudents learn yoga, mindfulness and playful movement. Students practise yoga poses and movement, meditation techniques, and learn effective tools for coping with stress and emotional upset. Each class contains breathing exercises, playful postures, yoga games, and relaxation. Classes touch on aspects of mindfulness, providing students with simple, yet effective tools for coping and thriving in a fast-paced world. The workshop also gives students an opportunity to develop body awareness and coordination in a safe and supportive environment.
Youth Assisting YouthThe Peer Project_Clicks and Stones The fluid and dynamic nature of social media and other methods of cyberbullying means that providing information on every method and situation where bullying might occur is not possible. However, in this workshop many examples are provided, emphasizing responsible internet use as well as where youth can locate additional information and seek help, if necessary. It increases students' online knowledge and skills for anti-bullying measures that they can take. The Peer Project offers mentoring programs and gender-specific programming in the community and after school.
Youth Stars FoundationJouer En SantéWorkshop provides enrichment experience in French by bringing French facilitators who guide students through sport play and physical activity. Students learn French through performing drills, skills, circuit training, sports games, obstacle courses and organized team sports as well as nutrition and healthy living habit. Schools choose from multi-sport, soccer, baseball or basketball. The workshop provides a fun, active and engaging way for students to learn and practise French.
Youth Wellness Network/Michael EisenYouth Wellness Leaders ProgramThe Youth Wellness Leaders Program seeks to enhance students’ mental health and wellbeing through workshops, presentations and student wellness leaders training. Program topics include How to Become Your Own Best Friend, The Power of Your Choice, Wellness Leader Training. Students gain knowledge and skills on how to create and sustain a culture of wellness in their school. Student may also participate in Wellness Leader Training to plan and implement peer-led initiatives. Workshops/presentations are also available to parents and teachers.
Youth Without ShelterOne Youth at a Time: Homelessness and Breaking the BarrierUniquely designed, age appropriate presentations for grades 3 - 12 are delivered to raise awareness and break down the myths and stereotypes associated with homeless youth. Students are introduced to the realities of youth homelessness; receive information on available community resources; and are provided with information on the ways that students can provide support to an issue impacting their peers.
YouthLinkFinding Assertive Solutions Together (FAST)The program is designed to address the underlying causes of violent behaviours exhibited by participating students, which sometimes result in criminal activity. In a closed group model, 8-12 identified students participate in a 10-week anger management program.
YouthLinkPathways to EducationPathways to Education promotes student achievement by supporting secondary school students in selected Families of Schools to graduate, through mentoring; academic supports; financial supports (bus fare); opportunities for social and community engagement; and, career/post secondary awareness. These integrated supports also offer students financial support through a scholarship toward the cost of applications and tuition for post-secondary education. Pathways Student/Parent Support Workers (SPSWs) and Program Facilitators work with each registered Pathways student. Pathways Staff liaise with local schools to support each student’s needs and achievements. If those students move to different schools, the staff assigned to that student follows that student. This may result in the more than one Pathways delivery agency serving the same school.
YouthSpeak Performance CharityYouthSpeak PresentationsThe youth-led presentations increase awareness that bullying, mental health and addiction for impacts everyone in a community. Youth speakers share their personal stories of mental health, bullying and/or addiction. The stories are real, raw and relatable. The goal of the presentations is to build empathy and inclusion. The program includes: - One-hour long interactive assemblies for students in grades 4 -12. The speakers give messages of perseverance and encourage students to use their voice and ask for help when needed. - YouthSpeak and players from the Toronto Marlies team up to deliver presentation on resilience, character and overcoming obstacles. - In-class sessions for grades 7-12 classes follow-up on an assembly and allows youth speakers to interact with students and create deeper awareness and understanding of specific issues. - Small-group workshops have youth with lived experiences share their personal stories. Students learn tools to cope and build resilience. - Stepping Up to Leadership Workshop discusses the four pillars to developing youth leadership. These are: honesty, inclusivity, drive and compassion. - YouthSpeak also provides keynote presentations for school councils, conferences. - Parent and teachers sessions are led by parents and youth with lived experiences who offer practical exchanges that are real, raw and eye-opening as they discuss their journeys from pain to wellness. The speakers share tips on how to help someone who is struggling.
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