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These partners are currently signing new or renewed agreements to operate in schools during instructional time. They will be finalized soon!

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C-Flava Inc.Afro-Caribbean Dance Fit With FlavaDance sessions, fitness workshops, and performances, introduce students of all ages to traditional West-African and Caribbean dance steps infused with modernized choreography through a high-intensity workout routine. Students of all fitness levels celebrate freedom of expression and improve their cardiovascular endurance and core strength by moving to the sounds of afrobeats, soca, dancehall, and hip-hop, as well as more traditional rhythms and sounds from West-Africa and the Caribbean, experiencing first-hand the modernization of traditional dance as well as the diversity of movement that exists between cultures. Serving: Kindergarten - Grade 12
Community Music Schools of TorontoAlternative Music Enrichment @ Wandering SpiritAlternative music enrichment programming provides students at Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit School and staff in the Urban Indigenous Education Centre opportunities to further develop their musical skills as individuals, mentors and in ensembles; and, by participating in unique music theory sessions. Serving: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12, Staff
The Arts Access FundArts Access In The SchoolsThese free arts-focused workshops are facilitated by professional artists in a variety of disciplines in select schools. Students participate in various activities that include mixed media, photography, sculpture, architecture, performing arts and creative movement. Workshops integrate cross-curricular subjects such as media literacy, language, social studies, science and math; and creativity and self-expression through creative expression. Students develop a greater understanding of the world around them through their own creativity. Consultation with teachers prior to sessions occur to ensure enhancement to the curriculum. Suitable: Kindergarten; Grades 1-8
Big Brothers Big Sisters of TorontoBBBST Mentoring ProgramsChildren and youth living in challenging circumstances face multiple barriers and may experience distress, depression, or not achieving their full potential for student success. These long-standing individual and/or group Mentoring Programs allow referred children and youth, to benefit from the power of mentoring while remaining in the safe and familiar environment of their own school. BBBST mentors provide weekly sessions that improve students’ connection to their school community, improved academic performance, improved attendance and higher educational attainment. BBBST Program Coordinator monitors each individualized match as well as group programming led by mentors. Serving: All Grades, students referred by TDSB PSS staff and/or students already on BBBST roster.
Rod NettagogBluestonecloud Breaking The CycleThese workshops discuss core traditional values, teachings of ‘Grandfather Drum' and celebration of life through different Indigenous artforms. Through drum teachings, traditional drumming, dance and singing, hands-on activities, and self-reflection, Rod Nettagog helps students consider their place in society and develop an appreciation for Indigenous history and culture, including the seven sacred teachings. These workshops aim to restore knowledge of Anishinaabe cultural values, traditions and beliefs and to help participants reconnect to themselves, others, and the earth. Suitable: All grades; staff.
Centennial CollegeBST, DSW, SSW Field PlacementsThis program provides field placement opportunities for post-secondary students in the Behavioural Sciences and Social Services Worker programs, with TDSB Special Education staff and educator teams. Field placements within TDSB sites provide post-secondary students who are considering a career with youth, including youth with special needs, an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in classrooms. Field placement students collaborate with the TDSB staff to facilitate TDSB students' developmental skills for everyday life; support the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being in classrooms; and, provide resources to assist TDSB students to successfully transition after high school.
George Brown CollegeBST, DSW, SSW Field PlacementsThis program provides field placement opportunities for post-secondary students in the Behavioural Sciences and Social Services Worker programs, with TDSB Special Education staff and educator teams. Field placements within TDSB sites provide post-secondary students who are considering a career with youth, including youth with special needs, an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in classrooms. Field placement students collaborate with the TDSB staff to facilitate TDSB students' developmental skills for everyday life; support the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being in classrooms; and, provide resources to assist TDSB students to successfully transition after high school.
La'ad Canada FoundationCARE ProjectCARE (Combatting Antisemitism through Research and Education) Project is a presentation on Jewish culture and how to identify and combat anti-semitism. Session focuses on these main areas: overview of Jewish culture and practice, misconceptions about Jews and Judaism; background on relevant cultural sensitivities and practices; identifying and dispelling commonly held beliefs which may or may not be anti-semitic. Staff connects this learning into the classroom and will receive practical classroom strategies. Mainly as a professional learning opportunity, sessions for students are also available. Suitable: Grades 6-12; staff
Festival Management CommitteeCarnival Arts and LiteratureThese workshops celebrate Caribbean culture and diversity by shining a light on Carnival history and Carnival arts to all students. Through hands-on sessions, students learn about the history, artistry and craftsmanship of costume-making and Mas costumes. Various professional artists share their expertise and their role in Carnival Arts from conception to implementation (including music making, costume design, construction, band leading). The program also highlights the contributions of individuals from the Caribbean community. Suitable: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12
TruDYNASTY Carnival Dolls Ltd.Carnival Costume MakingDemonstrations and workshops offer students an opportunity to learn Carnival costume making from Black artist/designer Thea Jackson. Sessions start with the history of Caribbean Carnival, how costumes are developed and showcases present day costume designs from around the world. Workshops offer a hands-on opportunity for each student to create their own costume piece (tiara) and to keep their creation. Students get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes work, learn how costumes are made and hear from a professional designer about how the Arts and Culture can be a viable career. Suitable: Grades 9-12
George Brown CollegeChild and Youth Care (CYC) Field PlacementsThis program provides field placement opportunities for students in Child and Youth Care post-secondary programs. Field placements within TDSB sites provide post-secondary students who are considering a career in their specialized area, an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in classrooms. Field placement students collaborate with TDSB staff to enhance their understanding of curriculum; to plan and implement activities for students; and to foster positive relationships with students, staff and parents. These placements satisfy post-secondary course requirements for field placement experience. Child and Youth Care field placement students may support TDSB students at any of the following activities: workshops; presentations; life skills development projects, campaigns and/or resources development.
Common Compass Pro-Social ProgramsCommon CompassSessions empower students to show empathy as they interact with their peers in their school and beyond. They seek to enhance students’ self identity and self esteem; strengthen connectedness and positive school climate; and, support assertive communication. It promotes social inclusion, and positive decision-making. Students learn strategies to manage their mental health and well-being, social emotional learning; understanding their emotions, developing coping skills, improving emotional expression and communication skills; and, developing leadership skills. Professional Learning sessions focus on social emotional well being and empathy. Sessions with parents focus on supporting positive mental health, social emotional well being, and empathy. Serving: Grades 6 - 12; Professional Learning for staff; Parents/Caregivers
Chartered Professional AccountantsCPA Canada Financial Literacy PresentationsVirtual Presentations engage school communities in discussion, case studies and interactive activities that deepen their understanding of financial literacy basic concepts and skills. The following topics are covered: Bartering; Needs and Wants; Goal Setting; Earning Income; Credit Cards and Bad Debt versus Good Debt; Pet Shop; Budgeting & Expenses and Savings & Bank Accounts. Presentations are available in both English and French. Serving: Grades 4 - 12; Staff; Parents/Guardians
Dance 'N' Culture Inc.Cultural Dance WorkshopsDance workshops either introduce or further explore a variety of cultural dances, history and culture. Dance styles offered include Bollywood, Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Chinese Folk, West African, Soca, Afrobeats and Colombian Folk. Workshop touches on brief history and present day context, geography, traditions, basic movements, songs, and dance expressions (hand gestures, foot patterns, facial expressions). Basic introduction introduces foundational movement and concepts while the workshop series allows students to create, learn choreography, and perform to the school community. Workshops may be used to celebrate a history/heritage month. Suitable: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12
University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health: Outreach and Access ProgramThe program addresses the representation gap in public health leadership and the health system by providing mentorship, access to networks and further support to Gr. 10-12 students from underserved communities. Delivered by faculty members and current students, the program aims to raise awareness of non-clinical, less known, but highly influential careers in healthcare. Students learn fundamental disciplines and themes of public health, hear from diverse professionals and receive life skills training for their post-secondary pathway. Suitable: Grades 10-12
University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health: Pathways to Public HealthIn collaboration with the Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement, this program supports Black-identifying students in grades 9-12 with their pursuit of careers and opportunities in public health and health systems. This 10-week program explores pathways into fields of health and health systems (i.e. Clinical Epidemiology, Health Economics, Social Epidemiology, Bioethics and Health Informatics etc.). Students develop life skills along with a deeper understanding of public health concepts and receive ongoing mentorship and support from Black professionals. Sessions also offer students a deeper understanding of health equity and social determinants of health and health policy. Further networking opportunities and engagement with faculty members may be available.
George Brown CollegeEarly Childhood Studies Field PlacementsEarly Childhood Studies Field Placements provide post-secondary students who are considering a career within early childhood education an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in classrooms. These placements satisfy college course requirements for field placement students to collaborate with TDSB teaching staff to enhance their understanding of curriculum; to plan and implement activities for TDSB students; to foster positive relationships with children, staff, parents, and families, and to provide resources to assist TDSB students to successfully transition through the early grades.
Jakes House for Autistic ChildrenEmployment Skills Readiness ProgramAt select school sites, this special education experiential learning program provides tools, job readiness skills and supports in achieving employment goals for referred students with intellectual/learning disabilities who require extra support as they transition from school to work. In-school weekly employment preparation workshops are provided on a variety of topics: work readiness plan, customer service, resume preparation, and tailored to individuals and their career goals. Referred students increase transferable and core work skills while better understanding their own goals and overcoming challenges as they move closer to being job ready and employment success. Customizable for students and their needs. Suitable: Grades 11-12; 18+
Natasha SaddlebackEmpowerment Speaking & Development In this motivational presentation, Natasha Saddleback, Indigenous speaker and coach, shares the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, overcoming life adversities and achieving one's goals. Natasha will share her story of being a young girl from the Indigenous community to becoming a strong representative in the professional fitness world. Natasha’s time with students will give them the tools and confidence they need to succeed and to make healthy life choices. Suitable: Grades 6-12
Sam Demma Enterprises Inc.Empty Your BackpackMotivational keynote assembly to increase student well-being, hope and kindness and equip students with tools to being the process of defining who they are and want to become. Everyone has a giant invisible backpack strapped to their shoulders. In these backpacks, students carry the thoughts and opinions that other people place on them that may negatively impact them. Message encourages students to openly talk about their feelings and emotions and equips them with wellness tools. Suitable: Grades 9-12 Inform partner: PSS support should know about this session and TDSB staff should be available to support so students know where to go to should they feel the need to disclose.
Canadian Parents for French - OntarioEngaging Parents & Supporting FSLProgramming supports are provided to students, parents, families and educators to enhance French as a second language (FSL) learning. Informative workshops, socio-cultural performances and events are available as scheduled. Programming is offered in French and English, with Bilingual facilitators. Serving: all grades, FSL/French Immersion
Brent Nicholls and Sarah NichollsFind Your MagicWith a focus on kindness and building inclusive school communities, this presentation goes beyond the message of bullying prevention and empowers students to believe in themselves no matter what they may be facing. Throughout the presentation Brent and Sarah share personal stories about being bullied and outline the steps they took to overcome it and gain self confidence. Their four "Secrets of Magic" are shared: Anything is Possible, Believe in Yourself, You're Not Alone and Find Your Magic. The magic used to illustrate these points is extremely engaging for the students. Audiences can’t help but feel a connection with the message and students are left feeling empowered when they realize the positive impact they can have on others. Suitable: Kindergarten; Grades 1-12
Future Design School Inc.Future Design Professional LearningThe program offers professional learning opportunities to TDSB educators and staff (teachers, administrators, board level staff, coaches, social workers, psychologists, etc.) providing them with mindset, tools and techniques for developing students' future ready skills and competencies. The program uses a blended learning model of both online and in ¬person delivery, or fully online through video conferencing. Sessions include: Introduction to Design Thinking; Hack your Curriculum; Assessment for Innovation; Planning Interdisciplinary Projects; Designing Inquiry and Assessment for Remote, Blended and Hybrid Learning. Programming can be customized to meet local and contextually specific needs. Suitable: Staff
John Howard Society of TorontoH.I.P.P (Helping Individuals Plan Positively) & CYP (Crossroads Youth Program)HIPP is a youth centered program for those aged 16 years and older whom are at risk of becoming engaged in pro-criminal behaviours. This program focuses on helping these young people build the skills to meet educational, employment and personal goals. HIPP strives to find proactive solutions to solve the problems of neighbourhood youth violence. A variety of workshops and opportunities are provided on topics including, but not limited to: personal development and goal setting; employment skills; interpersonal communications skills; anger management; problem-solving; masculinity, respect and violence; conflict mediation skills; self-awareness training; mental health/wellness; cultural competency; legal information and housing assistance. Serving: Grades 10 - 12, referred students in LC2
Theatre DirectIn the Centre of it AllTheatre workshops whereby students explore stories, rehearse roles and join in alongside professional actors in performance. Theatre productions are also available, and each year feature a different theme and focus for students. The list of current productions for the year can be viewed at www.theatredirect.ca. Serving: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12
Humber College Institute Inclusive Resource Practice Field Placements Field Placements provide post-secondary students who are considering a career supporting children with diverse needs an opportunity to gain direct experience in understanding the learning strategies employed in the classroom. Field placement students collaborate with TDSB staff to facilitate TDSB students' developmental skills for everyday life; support the promotion and maintenance of health and well-being in classrooms; and to foster positive relationships with students and their families in an inclusive practice. These placements satisfy post-secondary course requirements for field placement experience.
Vanessa Dion FletcherIndigenous Arts-Based Learning Vanessa Dion Fletcher uses oral history, storytelling, beads, drawing, collage, and found objects in her workshops to engage students in making meaningful artworks. Vanessa shares the history, traditions and cultures of beading while sharing some more contemporary expressions of this Indigenous tradition. In these hands-on workshops, students stitch, practise beading, share their work and celebrate the artistry and individual expression. Suitable: Gr. 9-12
Lindsay KretschmerIndigenous Awareness and Inclusion Lindsay (Swooping Hawk) Kretschmer, as a Mohawk born and raised in Toronto, brings Indigenous awareness on key contemporary issues of our time as it relates largely to greater Indigenous inclusion. From these sessions, participants gain understanding of who they are and why they matter from both historic, contemporary and cultural contexts. Topics may include: Indigenous histories, community wellbeing, wampum, Indigenous storytelling, cultural safety and societal structures. Professional learning sessions may be customized for staff and parents/caregivers. Suitable: Grades 3-12; staff; parents/caregivers
Angela AulaInuit Culture and ArtWorkshops share art, music, traditions of Inuit culture from Inuit artist, Angela Aula. Students learn traditions, ways of life and experiences while making connections to the land and Indigenous perspective. Topics covered include Inuit history, language teaching, art, and murals. Suitable: Kindergarten; Grades 1-12
Just BGRAPHIC Inc.Just BGraphic ArtsUsing art as a means to engage students, these sessions infuse learning in themes of critical thinking and social awareness through a wide range of artistic disciplines; including visual arts, digital arts, performing arts and leadership. Students have the opportunity to dive into screen printing, music production, dance, public speaking, sound design, animation and vocals. Combining this with a culminating performance, project or activity diversifies the art experience; and encourages students to see themselves as more than artists, but also as innovators and creative leaders! SPE and SHSM certifications are available. Serving: Grades K-12
Joanne WeitzmanLet it Go! Mindfulness ServicesAn early years and elementary students' focused workshop on mindfulness, resiliency and well-being. In person or through video-conferencing, workshops cover emotional and self-regulation skills, techniques to practice calm and relaxation, mindful movement, meditation and yoga poses. Sessions incorporate play-based activities, breathing and movement exercises and sensory exploration that are easy to learn for younger audiences. Serving: Kindergarten - Grade 6; Professional Learning Sessions for staff; parents/caregivers
Live DifferentLive Different School AssembliesMotivational assemblies and workshops with engaging mix of personal stories, videos, crowd participation, live music, and more. Delivered by young, dynamic team members that students find easy to relate to. Positive youth development programming with themes that change annually to best address school and student needs in relevant ways. Exists to empower young people and engage them in a lifestyle of compassion and service. Serving: Grades 6-12
University of Toronto Masters of Information Field PlacementsThis Field Placement program provide post-secondary Field Placement students with hands-on experience to supplement their theoretical knowledge, and to help them develop professional competencies. Field Placement students participating in the practicum will have completed, or will be in the process of completing a Master of Information (MI) degree. TDSB staff may submit a project aligned with TDSB strategic goals, and secure 45 hours or 105 hours of unpaid project help from an MI student. Field Placement students, in turn, receive post-secondary course credit. Field Placement students' areas of focus within the Faculty’s Master of Information degree: Archives and Records Management; Critical Information Policy Studies; Culture & Technology; Human Centered Data Science; Information Systems and Design; Knowledge Management and Information Management; Library and Information Science; User Experience Design.
Jason AldersonMental Health First Aid for StaffFull day course on mental health first aid for staff offered in-person or virtually to increase wellness. Participants will be taught how to notice the changes and signs of a decline in mental well being; how to initiate a conversation and to listen and respond non-judgmentally to family members/friends/colleagues etc.; learn the professional and other supports that exist; to assist in a crisis situation; and to employ self-care when needed to ensure their own well-being. Suitable: Staff
Toronto Metropolitan UniversityMHSc and PMDip Dietetics Field PlacementsThis MOU serves to provide field placement opportunities for graduate students in MHSc and PMDip Dietetics. Field placements within TDSB sites provide graduate students who are considering a career in Nutrition, an opportunity to learn by working alongside a supervising TDSB Nutrition Services staff person in TDSB schools and sites. These placements satisfy course requirements for field placement experience.
Allycia UccelloMuralsIn these visual arts workshops, students are inspired, guided and empowered in crafting art through drawing, painting, murals and installations. The initiative encompasses a comprehensive approach, commencing with insightful discussions and meticulous planning. Through illustrative examples and open dialogues, students collaboratively brainstorm and ideate. The collaborative spirit continues into the execution phase, where hands-on demonstrations of drawing techniques, painting methods, composition principles, and colour theory come to life. The culmination involves the actual execution where students are fully engaged in creating their art. The final phase of review and reflection solidifies their learning, celebrating their artistic achievements. Full day sessions have 60 students cycle through the day. Kindergarten; Grades 1-8
Canada’s National Ballet SchoolNBS Sharing Dance KidsLed by Canada’s National Ballet School’s (NBS) Community Dance Specialists, free dance workshops provide creative movement activities using elements of dance as a foundation for students in Grades 1 - 6. Sessions may be delivered in-person or virtually. Using the elements of dance as a foundation, students are given the chance to explore new ways of moving, collaborate with peers (in a safe way), develop fundamental movement skills and create movement sequences which communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions. Emphasizing individual creativity and personal reflection, students are encouraged to look inward and draw from their own personal experiences, to develop their own movement vocabulary.
Kareative InterludeNu Narrative Literacy Empowerment ProgramThis virtual workshop series supports black and marginalized students to develop their voice, vision and representation by writing, illustrating and creating their own book. The process provides students the opportunity to gain confidence in writing, editing and speaking by sharing their voice, vision and narrative. Students not only enhance their literacy skills but well-being and connection to the community around them. Students are exposed to writing methods, illustration techniques and the overall publishing process. The workshop series culminates with each student authoring a softcover book. Suitable: Grades 3-8
OT Fitness Educational Services Inc.OT Fitness ProgramsThis initiative includes fitness programming; agility challenges; teamwork competitions; 'Sports Days'; 'Fitness Nights'; relay and track activities for all students, and school communities. Students learn movement skills using specialized equipment. They build their knowledge and skills in fitness, agility, team competitions, relay and track challenges through fun and engaging activities. Serving: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12; parents/caregivers
The Fringe of Toronto Theatre FestivalPathways to Fringe TheatreWorkshop series, delivered in-person or by video-conferencing, takes students on a "Producing 101" pathway towards creating and premiering their own Fringe show. As an incubator of the most diverse and exciting artists and productions in the country, Fringe Festival staff and acclaimed independent artists/producers work with students to bring and develop their vision to the stage. This 5-part workshop series focuses on the following processes: creation, direction, technical elements, execution and putting on the show.
South Riverdale Community Health CentrePediatric Health Initiative ClinicClinics in elementary and secondary schools address the issue of students in inner city communities who come to school with undiagnosed and untreated health concerns that prevent them from learning. Its objective is to provide students with access to a medical clinic, on site, in schools. Medical practitioners, (including but not exclusive to: nurse practitioners, physicians, pediatricians, community health workers) consult with students (and, if elementary school age, with their families) on a variety of medical, behavioural and developmental and school-related concerns. Services may include, and are not limited to: 1. Medical - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, health counselling and referrals to other medical specialists, or dietician. 2. Behavioural and Developmental - providing diagnoses, prescribing medications, related mental health counselling, referrals to specialist and/or community agencies. 3. Clinical services will be provided on a referral basis from parents/guardians; TDSB Professional Support Services; local Principals from schools surrounding school in which clinic site is hosted. Services are customized and implemented as required based on presenting issues Clinic practitioners are also available to meet with designated School Support Teams in schools, when needed, as mutually scheduled. Administration of clinic appointments is facilitated by clinic staff.
Swim OntarioPools to SchoolsA free virtual presentation by Elite para swimmers introduce students to the sport of para swimming. Swimmers who have represented Canada at international competitions (Para Pan Am Games, Paralympic Games, World Championships) share lessons of perseverance and resilience with students. Students have the opportunity ask questions and expand their understanding of sport, disability, hard work and pursuing one's dreams. Presentation and materials may also be delivered in French. Suitable: Grades 3-12
Astronomy in Action Inc.Portable PlanetariumAn astronomer guides students' exploration in astronomy and space science using an inflatable, portable dome combined with 4k digital projection system. Themes include: spaceflight, cultural constellations, solar system, stars and their properties, eclipses, aurorae, other galaxies, black holes, universe. The sessions are inquiry-based, participative and generates excitement about science and astronomy. Facilitators will work with teachers to enhance the student learning and address the curriculum for each specific grade. This is a full day booking where groups of x students have an opportunity to experience the planetarium. Suitable: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12 Questions for partner: If the booking is a full day, how many sessions can you have per day? And how many people in dome at one time. Please ensure we have the requirements for their setup (room dimension, and other needs). Any other meaningful keywords we are missing?
Need Some Koi Inc.Release The Doubt & Step OutCreative writing, poetry and spoken word workshops to help students promote their sense of self, perspective and overall well-being. Shakkoi Hibbert, Black poet, encourages the sharing of stories and desire to creatively write whether that be through spoken word poetry, print poetry or journal entries. A safe space is created for students to explore feelings and emotions through the art/creative process. Students gain confidence in writing and speaking. Workshops culminate with students performing and sharing their own unique piece to their class. Suitable: Grades 6-12
Square CircleSocial Circus Social Circus programming fosters life skills, confidence and resilience in grades 4 - 8 students through the learning and practice of circus and creative arts. Students learn a variety of circus arts including juggling, poi, floor balancing, clowning, dance, acting/improvisation.The program culminates in a show and tell - students talk and display their creative art.These workshops provide an alternative, non-competitive physical and artistic outlet for students, while team building and enhancing social skills. Workshops are comprised of physical social games, trust and relationship building, and creative exercises for students to develop individual creative expression.
Untangled DigitalThe BE AN ALL-STAR School AssemblyPresented by Q-Mack, this high energy anti-bullying presentation outlines seven character traits that attribute to student success in and out of the classroom. What does it take to become an "All-Star" student? Attitude, Leadership, Love, Self-control, Teamwork, Accountable and Respect. This presentation includes an exciting combination of freestyle basketball, tricks, balancing, juggling, and magic to ensure the message sticks. Session brings together themes of inclusiveness, responsibility, empathy, kindness and perseverance. Suitable: Kindergarten, Grades 1-8
University of AlbertaThe Holodomor and Its RelevanceThis presentation on the Holodomor engages students in a case study of the genocidal famine in Ukraine from 1932-1933. Students learn how to identify the steps from which genocides have evolved, and how human rights abuses can progress from bullying and discrimination, to victimization and dehumanization. Through collective discussion on its history, students provide suggestions and strategies that could be used in our present day to curb human rights abuse and the types of governments that permit and participate in these abuses. Professional learning is also available. Suitable:Grades 9-12; Staff
Paul Stewart The Pottery Clay WorkshopsThese workshops engage students with the creation of clay sculpture and story development. Students explore their own artistic nature and telling their own stories through art. They learn how to plan, design and create clay pieces. The theme and focus of each art project is determined in partner consultation with classroom teachers to ensure curriculum connections, and with the students themselves to ensure connection to their interests. The finished pieces are fired and delivered back to schools within three weeks of the workshop. Serving: Kindergarten, Grades 1-8
University of Toronto Transplant and Organ Donation PresentationPresentations by medical professionals and transplant recipients are available for secondary school science, health & Physical Education, and Civics classes to educate students about the science, the success, civic engagement and medical careers in the field of organ and tissue transplantation; and, the importance of organ and tissue donation. Suitable: Grades 9-12
Community Arts GuildWhat Was My Backyard?This collaborative school and community project, is an interactive musical combining drama, dance, puppetry, music and visual arts to bring awareness of the Indigenous lives and lands of what is now Toronto. Inspired by a news article from 1908 that speaks about 11,000 year-old footprints found in clay beneath Toronto Harbour, this project brings awareness of Indigenous lives and history, asking us to think about the land we occupy and share, and what was here long ago where our homes, playgrounds, parks, streets and backyards now stand. Students work alongside professional Indigenous artist-educators to bring the performance to life through a full musical or shorter workshop series. Suitable: Gr. 4-8 Question to Partner: Would they consider secondary? Budgets are much bigger.
Veritus Pictures Inc.Youth Filmmakers AcademyWorkshops in-person or through video-conferencing provide authentic expression of student voice through filmmaking. This team-based approach provides students with skills, technique and tips on a variety of filmmaking elements including camera work, audio recording, video production, and editing. For schools looking for a more in depth exploration of filmmaking, James Buffin offers a five day program to take students from concept to completion for documentary or dramatic projects. Suitable: Kindergarten, Grades 1-12
Covenant House TorontoYouth Homelessness Awareness and Prevention Presentations raise awareness about youth homelessness and prevention; youth leadership and social responsibility on the issue; resources and community supports. Two presentations are available for student audiences: "Before You Run" covers a broad range of issues and circumstances that lead youth to the street. It discusses how the experiences of family breakdown, abuse, mental health, bullying, drugs, exploitation and stress can act as contributing factors to youth homelessness. "Reality Check" de-glamourizes street life and discusses the struggle homeless youth face; how they’re driven to steal, sell drugs or worse. Presentations also have students participate in an activity that highlights the hardship youth face while trying to live independently, without family support, education or career; and what their school community can do to engage with community supports. Serving: Grades 6 - 12
YMCA of Greater TorontoYouth Opioid Awareness ProgramPresentation on opioids, use and its effects to the school community. Topics covered include introduction to opioids, addiction and opioid use disorder, how to help someone with an addiction, naloxone, and toxic drugs. Students hear about the stigma and learn how to implement changes to reduce stigma in society. The presentation also addresses protective factors and coping mechanisms that will minimize the risk of developing a substance use disorder and ways to get help. Suitable: Grades 9-12
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